Navigating Upwind

Beyond the rah-rah and glitzy motivational speak is this: It’s easier to captain a boat that’s moving. Even if, for now, that boat is purposely headed off course. In sailing, this maneuver would be known as a “tack” or (the more extreme version), a “jibe”.  These zigzag maneuvers are used for reaching destinations upwind of... [More...]

The Happiest Place on Earth?

For all of our material wealth, the US is dismally unhappy. Even Disney World is not so much “happiest place on earth” as it is a stressful chase for the next dopamine hit. In the words of marketing savant, Seth Godin, “…the occasional [Disney World] visitor has far less fun than you might expect. That’s... [More...]

Asking the Why of Everything

Running on autopilot How much of what you do is done simply because that’s the way you’ve always done it? Your workout for example.  When was the last time you questioned its composition?  The overriding theory behind each modality? If what you’re doing is still serving your needs? And I get it: you’re comfortable where you... [More...]

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