HIIT vs Endurance – the mental game

Shifting on the fly from an explosive, HIIT-centric mindset to an endurance mindset is easier said than done. Especially when you’re “wired” for repeat explosive activities. This was a little something I thought about during my 500-mile bike trek through Oregon. …and Lord knows I had plenty of time to think. About this and a... [More...]

Keeping within Striking Distance

One of the major advantages of my version of HIIT (or “HIIRT” as I like to call it) is something that most wouldn’t necessarily consider an advantage: the ability to stay within striking distance of just about any sport I might want to concentrate on in the future. I’ve had to become a hell of... [More...]

Navigating Upwind

Beyond the rah-rah and glitzy motivational speak is this: It’s easier to captain a boat that’s moving. Even if, for now, that boat is purposely headed off course. In sailing, this maneuver would be known as a “tack” or (the more extreme version), a “jibe”.  These zigzag maneuvers are used for reaching destinations upwind of... [More...]

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