Another 30-minute blow-and-go. What’s highly effective about these fast and furious workouts is the nice, positive hormonal boost this type of workout elicits. These short bursts also keep the cumulative stress on the body low — cortisol is kept in check and the central nervous system is spared any undue abuse. What this amounts to is little threat of overtraining. And to have repeatedly established the correct, net-positive hormonal environment (via proper diet and exercise) within the body is to have mastered 80% of the body composition puzzle.

Matt Metzgar has an observation on the power of a net-positive hormone profile here. It is so obvious as to almost go unnoticed. Thanks here goes to Matt for the reminder to just open our eyes, observe, and think.

Anyway, so here’s what I did this morning:

  1. 10 sets of singles, each arm, of a DB snatch/overhead squat/press/push-press/split-jerk combo
  2. Reverse- grip pull-ups, DeVany style, i.e., one continuous set of 12 reps/6 reps/ 3 reps, increasing the weight at each mini-break.

That’s it. 30 minutes and no more. I left the gym feeling jacked, not drained, and kept the good buzz for the rest of the day.

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  1. Great workout. Love the DB complex. Do something similar, but use KB instead.

    Looking forward to reading Metzgar’s article. I stress all my clients to work for the hormonal effect and not just “the pump.” Odd concept for them in the beginning, but they understand it as they continue to get results.

    Good work as usual!


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