On his members-only site, Art DeVany posted a slide from his recent Evolutionary Fitness lecture (and subsequent DVD offering).  The slide is of a USDA “food pyramid” made-over, Evolutionary Fitness style.  In ascending order, from base to tip, are the following: water (when thirsty), vegetables, meats, fruits, oils/fats and fresh spices.  I think it’s a perfect summation of the paleo (or Evolutionary Fitness, if you prefer) eating plan.  Now, if you’ll take a look at my meal, you can see the theoretical “Evolutionary Pyramid” implemented in the real world.  This meal required little more than a half an hour’s effort, and I pulled it off after returning home from a long day at work (with, of course, the requisite pre-work, half-hour workout blitz).  The Brussels sprouts are a bit more work than say, a steamed veggie of some sort.  It’s time well spent, though, I think. 

My wine and beer consumption is higher than if I were trying to drop weight.  I do enjoy them, and consider these the extent of my vices, and so I’m OK with that.  Maybe a little good cheese now and then, too.  Some chocolate or a bite of a fabulous desert once in a blue moon.  Moderation is the key.  I can say this though — the few (miserable smile_wink) times that I’ve experimented with a run of sans-alcohol days, I flushed what little subcutaneous water I was holding.  Alcohol, even in small amounts, will elicit a bit of subcutaneous water retention.  Just something to be mindful of.


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