For a change today, and rather than workout in the morning,  I went out for a tough fixie ride after work.  I rode down to and around downtown G-Vegas and the ECU campus.  The campus is just now really coming alive, with lots of scenery to behold smile_wink.  I turn these ride into hard intervals by coming up to an all-out sprint (or as much of one as is practical at each given circumstance), and riding hard and fast.  Think drag race.  I slow as fast as possible, too,which,on a fixed-speed bike, requires plenty of leg strength to oppose a goodly bit of forward momentum.  Lots of starts and stops like this in the city and in and around campus.  I even kicked-back and watched a few minutes worth of the mighty Pirate football practice.  Hopefully, Skip and company will put together a good showing again this year.

So, now that I’ve got my genes kicked into high gear and the hormones are flowing free and in correct proportions, I do a big carb reload, right?  Hey, are you friggin’ kidding me?  Hell no, I kick on the trusty grill and doctor-up a few T-bones.  In no time flat, I’ve got this goin’ on:


Seared on the outside, medium rare within.  Good stuff!

Now, I paired the smallest of the three of these bad boys with an avocado and some fresh pineapple.  A glass of Cycles Gladiator cabernet sauvignon with dinner and, well a beer of two while BBQing — that was my big “carb re-load”.  And I’ve got enough left overs for a couple of day’s worth of  breakfast and lunch.  Good deal!  Happy mutt-amigos, too.

And this, by the way, is my not-so-subtle teaser for my upcoming “packing left overs for work” primer.  Stay tuned!


In Health,



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