For greed, all nature is too little.
–Seneca, Roman statesman and author

Greed is, for lack of a better word, good.

— Gordon Gekko, soulless Wall Street mogul


I’m not so sure about Seneca, but good ol’ Gordo was primal before primal was cool.  Remember his fondness for steak tartare?  The over-the-top testosterone and killer instinct were no doubt due to his paleo proclivities.  So being the shark that he was, I’m sure my man Gordy would’ve assuredly loved the ruthless efficiency of this morning’s workout.

This is what went down at the Rocky Mount, NC  YMCA, at oh-damn-to-hell it’s early (6:30) this morning.  Another bang-bang, 30-minute number:

Deadlift/Straight-leg Deadlift (SLDL) combo, 4 sets of 2, at weight

~ superset with ~

Barbell Floor Press, 4 sets of 4, at weight

Straight Barbell Biceps curl, Hierarchical method, ala Art DeVany.  One set of 15, 7, 4.  I increased the weight slightly at each pause.

The Deadlift/Straight-leg Deadlift combo is done as follows: Perform a fast, power-clean grip (over/over hand position) Deadlift.  That means rip it off the floor right now — and add a shrug if you like (I do) — so as to turn it into a “low triple-extension pull”.  Then, do an extended eccentric, SLDL.  I use about a 12-second eccentric, as this is a good match between a weight I can really rip off the floor (and get good work there) and what is really taxing to my hamstrings.  This, along with the Glute-Ham Raise, are my favorite hamstring exercises.

As is my rule, I terminated all exercises when I first begin to lose crispness or “snap”.

Dinner tonight was a “snap” as well (it’s always a snap when someone else fixes dinner!).  Meesus TTP threw together a lovely, and quite filling, steak salad (with steak leftover from last night).  It looked a little something like this:


Raspberry vinaigrette dressing topped this off nicely

You can’t really spot them in this picture unfortunately, but there was plenty of avocado in the salad.  Good stuff!

An then it was off to dance class (uhh).  I wonder if Gordon would’ve put up with dance class?  Somehow, I think not.

In Health,



  1. “I’m not sure, but I believe Gordon had a very non-paleo treadmill somewhere in his office”.

    Ah, but maybe he did Tabata intervals on it?


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