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Heap on wood, kindle the fire, consume the flesh, and spice it well, and let the bones be burned.

Ezikiel, 24:10

Hmm.  Now, I would have written it, “…spice it well and consume the flesh…”, but hey, that’s just me.  And what’s this?  Is he saying the spice is the drink that follows the flesh consumption maybe?  Ugh.  Just add it to the list of Biblical questions that will forever baffle Keith.  And I guess the dogs were left to bum, too, over the bones left smoldering there in the fire.  Poor pooches.  Oh well.

Anyway, today’s post is a quick hitter because — guess what? — I’m short on time.  I know, I know — say it ain’t so.

First, though, a quick aside: I guess we can call this the Wha-huh? Moment of the Week — So I received an email today at work from a (no doubt) well-intending coworker; actively soliciting candy sales, she was — to benefit, of all things — the American Heart Association.  Now understand, I’m all for raising money for a worthy cause, but daa-aamn, have we got a long way to go,or what?  Sugar for tickers, huh?  Wow.

Ok, back to what I wanted to talk about.  Now, next time you plan on grilling a streak — any kind of steak, it doesn’t matter — give this herb topping a shot.  It’s really, really easy to do, and it’ll add a nice kick to your steak — or any meat, for that matter.  Just gather-up first-fulls of fresh basil, rosemary, and thyme, and place it all in a food processor.  Don’t worry about making too much of the stuff as it only gets better as it sets in the fridge.  Blend (or is it called”processing”?) away.  Add a little olive oil and hit it again.  Repeat.  Do the Macarena.    Now, add garlic cloves and  coarse sea salt to taste.  Use as much olive oil as needed for whatever consistency you desire. 


Midway through; first Macarena pause

I can’t really give you a “recipe” for this concoction — it’s a feel thing.  But what you’re looking for in the end is a thick, and rather coarse,  paste — so, like I said, just use whatever amount of olive oil is needed to adjust the consistency.  Too watery for you?  Just throw in additional herbs, easy as that.  The secret is to check the consistency frequently as you’re blending (processing?) and adjust as necessary.   Feel free to experiment with other spices and herbs.


The final product

What’s good about concoctions like this (and I’d add things like wasabi to this list) — aside from the added nutritional benefit — is their inherent ability to stretch your portion size.  That is to say, the mouth-feel and strong flavor will extend the satisfaction of each and every bite.  Think of how something like wasabi can stretch was really is a smallish portion of sushi quite a long way.


 Spread it on like this, or — the way I prefer — with a little dab on the fork for each bite.


Give it a shot and let me know, via comment or email, how it turns out.  I’m always open for meal suggestions, too.  Help build the Paleo/EF meal base of the site!


In Health,




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