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I could well do without all the theatrics and the me-me aggrandizing, but damn what a performance by Usain “Lightning” Bolt in the Olympic 100 meter final.  I remember being a kid (and being not too bad a sprinter back in the day, by the way) and having been told that anything below a 9.6 was beyond the limit of human capability.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look to verify if this was a common sentiment back in the early and mid 80’s, but it’s one of those things that has, for whatever reason, stuck in my mind.  Can’t ever remember the Celsius-to-Fahrenheit conversion factor, but damn if that didn’t stick with me.  Go figure.  Anyway, it made perfect sense back then, in the clown pants and Carl Lewis days.  And taking nothing away from Mr. Lewis, who I’ve always thought of as a class act — but watching this kid run the other night was, for a sprint enthusiast, sur-friggin’-real.  If he hadn’t of begun the hotdog antics at 80 meters — well, let’s just say that the 9.6 “limit of human capability” will soon go the way of the 4-minute mile.

By the way, hats off to the consummate over-performer, Walter Dix, for snagging the bronze.   Way to represent FSU and the ACC, Walter.   All 5 foot 7 of you!

But enough about genetic freaks.  What, exactly, can your average Moe get out of bustin’ off a few all-outs now and again?  Well, my friend, nothing less that the single best thing you can do — outside of fixing your diet — to cut weight.

Chris, over at Zen-to-Health, has done a good job, in his latest post, of encapsulating the benefits of mixing in a few sprinting sessions in to your workout macrocycle.  Now do this: give Chris’s entry a read.  Sit back, let it all sink in.  Then, settle your mind.  Now, what I want you to do is to envision an animal — any animal, just pick one — engaged in its natural habitat (including the 2.5 little rug-rats you and your significant other are supposed to be rearing).  Now, does your animal of choice naturally partake in long, drawn-out cardio, or does it ramp-up to a high power output, intermittently, then shut it back down, repeating this scenario over and again?

It’s simply the natural order of things, the way bodies are designed to work.

Now, I’m sure some one with some hefty biology and /or kinesiology credentials can lay out the science behind why sprinting will have you cutting weight quicker than a crack-head — I can’t.  Hey, I’m a lowly PolySci major, cut me some friggin’ slack, huh? — but what I can vouch for is the empirical evidence of sprinting’s efficacy.  It flat-out works, it’s time efficient, and it’s the simplest thing you can do (again, outside of fixing your diet) to better your fitness level and, ergo, your health.  No gym required.  Hell, you don’t even have to run.  You can get the same benefit by “sprinting” on a bike (my favorite alternate from the real deal), crank-out on a rower — whatever you choose.

Did I mention Tabata intervals?  Yes, Tabata intervals.

Two words.  TRY ‘EM! And watch your excess weight vanish before your very eyes.

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