Forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is a permanent attitude.
–Dr. Martin Luther King

Chicago Bike Messenger, Jeremyhughes

I started out the day with the intent to do some barefooted sprint work on the ECU soccer field.  Once I got saddled-up, though, I changed my mind and did about an hour’s worth of fixie intervals instead.   To be sure, G-Vegas is no Chicago  — still, though, it’s a really fun town to navigate via fixie.  The slack Sunday traffic made it all the more enjoyable.

And on the Intermittent Fasting Front: 

So, Sunday around the TTP headquarters was rather hectic.  We’re in the middle of trying so sell the house (downsizing at long last), and we had a couple of showings scheduled.  We also had a swank cocktail party to attend in the evening, meals to prepare and cook and, somewhere within all of that, I wanted to get in the workout I spoke of above.  Quiz time: what don’t you see on the day’s schedule?  If you answered “uh, eating, dude; friggin’ eatin'” you win…bragging rights.  Or, something…

Anyway, I wound up having nothing to eat until about 7 PM.   I did have some food cravings around 3 in the afternoon, but nothing terrible, and they quickly subsided when I got busy with some something or another.  And I did this on a workout day, too — and not an easy day, either — as I hit the intervals pretty damn hard.

I am curious, though, as to what my appetite will be like today (the day after).


In Health,



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