Keith attempts to instruct Meesus TTP on the benefits of living a Paleo/EF lifestyle.

In a perfect world, your entire household would be fully on board with the Paleo/EF lifestyle.  Your coworkers, too, would be oh-so Paleo.  No one would tempt you with their Grandma’s homemade, triple-layer, chocolate cake or a scrumptious cobbler made from fresh-picked, North Carolina peaches.   And oh yeah, don’t forget to top that warm cobbler with the homemade ice cream.  Peach, of course.

Now personally, sweets I can deflect with just a little show of willpower.  All I do is conjure-up the last time I had a carb blow-out (actually, it was pizza, not sweets; the end result, though is similar) and, like a hand to a hot kitchen burner, I usually, and now instinctively, draw back.  Read what Naomi has to say about falling off the wagon, here, at her chock-full-of-clever-Paleo-dish-ideas site, My Paleo Kitchen. Detox isn’t petty.

No, my downfall is anything gourmet.

I have to say, though, that if you’re going to have a downfall, this is probably the best of soft underbellies to have.  the reason being is that most high-end dishes aren’t bloated with simple carbohydrates.  These dishes emphasize taste over volume.  The same holds true with gourmet desserts.  And of these, I can be satiated with a bite or two.  Gourmet bread, though, is another story altogether.  And along with a small side dish of high-end olive oil and spices to go a-dipping in — hey, forget waterboarding; if you want any secrets at all out of me, just set some fresh, McCrady’s sourdough along with the dipping dish of olive oil and spice just beyond my reach.  Even if I lack something to tell, I can come up with a hell of a story.

Most higher-end dishes, already leaning toward Paleo, can be made more so by subtle substitutions.    For instance, Meesus TTP makes a chicken salad to die for.  Now, I wouldn’t normally consider chicken salad as being “gourmet”, but Meesus TTP’s recipe is in a class of it’s own. If you’ll notice, the recipe calls for mayonnaise.  Not very Paleo.  However, raw yogurt (not the sugared-up crap) can be substituted for the mayo, and this dish doesn’t skip a beat.  Now, yogurt (and cheese, too, for that matter) aren’t exactly building blocks of the Paleo/EF lifestyle, but they are tolerable substitutes for less desirable ingredients.   Again, Meesus TTP writes a gourmet-leaning blog for the Munch Brothers site, but just about every one of her dishes — if not pretty damn close to Paleo to begin with — can be made more so with a little imagination.

And imagination, along with patience (I’m working on that already, sheesh!) and compromise are indispensable when it comes to sharing your world with the non-Paleo.  Have faith.  They’ll come around — eventually.

Oh, and don’t forget willpower.  Lots and lots of willpower.

In Health,



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