This should have been an “off” day for me workout-wise, due to yesterday’s bout of sprinting and fixie riding.  That would’ve been the logical thing to do.  But I spent the daylight hours feeling antsy, and being cooped-up in the cubical farm under the florescent glow didn’t help matters much.  What to do, though?

How about a few rounds of clap pushups with feet elevated on a stability ball.? The in-between clap isn’t really necessary, but I like to include it, as it is a decent measure of sustained blast-off speed.  When the form degenerates to the point of not being able to pull off the in-between clap, it’s time to terminate the round.  Since this is effectively a plyometric movement, the value resides in the blast-off, the stiff landing (think of a gymnast on the vault and subsequent landing) and immediate recovery/turn-around into the next rep.  My goal was to wring the most power I could out of every rep.

I managed between 10 and 15 reps per round.  How many rounds, I have no clue.  I interspersed the rounds between my house chores and dinner prep.  It did the trick for alleviating the workday antsy-ness at a fairly low CNS and metabolic cost.   An acute bodily stress to unwind some built-up mental stress.

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