I did the following combination early this morning, just prior to the beginning of my workday. As is my usual, I worked-out on an empty stomach (I last ate at 7 PM the night before), save for my beloved morning redeye and hour-long dose of NPR via podcast (this morning was Terri Gross’s interview of Thomas Freidman — good stuff).  Anyway, the gym work looked like this:

1. Single-Arm DB Snatch + Single-Arm Split-Jerk combo x 3 combos, each side

(Like this: Right side — Snatch, recover, Split-Jerk, recover, Snatch… x 3, then repeat for the left side x 3).

2. Parallel-Grip Weighted Pullups x 3’s

4 rounds at weight. Total gym time, including warm-up — 30-minutes.

The Day’s Meals Were as Follows:

8 AM, approximately 1 hour following my workout

2 eggs, softboiled.  A half-palm sized cut of leftover ribeye.  Leftover broccoli (from the night before) and a few strawberries.

11 AM

A small ribeye, broccoli and a few strawberries

About 1 PM, and Again at 3 PM

A couple of handfuls of mixed nuts — walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds.

6 PM

Attended a wine tasting event.  I drank approximately 10 oz’s total.  Well worth it.

9 PM

Highly, highly unusual — we went out to eat two nights in a row.  To make matters worse, the group we were with wanted Italian; notoriously one of the toughest places in the world to be Paleo.  I’m up for the challenge, though, and was able to piece together a salmon spinach salad.  A surprisingly, a very Paleo meal.  No croutons, no bread, and just a little cheese.  Oil and vinegar for dressing.  I think I just found a new restaurant!

One quick side note. Look at the time separation between my lunch and dinner.  In my former life, I would have been drooling and weak from hunger.  Tonight, I could have easily passed on dinner completely; not one hint of a hunger pang.

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  1. Did very well to stay paleo in an Italian, those are the places I normally succumb (only when they do really good pizza though) I’m not a huge pasta fan…..Wine tasting must have been a load of fun, there’s a local one near my place thursday nights which I have never been to will check it out soon….. Took a leaf out of your book with a gym workout earlier this week and copied the workout you did in your previous post, boy am I feeling it!

    Great post!

  2. Keith – out of curiosity – what do you mean by the term “at weight” when you describe your workouts? I guess I am no 100% what you mean when you say “4 rounds at weight”.


  3. Chris,
    I know what you mean. I have to stay away from Boli’s, a locally-owned restaurant here in Greenville, NC, that serves the best Greek style pizza I’ve ever had. Always a good selection of beers on tap as well. It’s a little more temptation than I think I can handle.

    “At weight” refers to the weight I wind up using for my “working” sets, i.e., after I’m done warming-up and working up to that particular weight. I don’t count warm-up sets. The “at weight” weight used for any given exercise — workout to workout — will fluctuate depending on many variables; most notably will be what the exercise is combined with (if at all) within a combo or complex. Local and general fatigue is another big factor.

    Hope this helps,



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