Happiness is not a reward — it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment — it is a result.
–Robert Green Ingersoll


Information Overload: I’ve alluded to this before, most recently in this post — but at some point you’ve got to convert that myriad of information you’ve gathered into action; put theory to practice, as it were.   Sooner or later it’s got to be you and 6 AM and the harsh clank of steel plates and the stench of stale sweat and a body that would just as soon crawl back in bed as to do a single rep of any damn thing at all. At some point, you’ve got to become comfortable ordering Paleo when out to eat with your buds.  This is where “your health” either gets done or simply remains stuck in the realm of conjecture.

In this presentation, Clay Shirky explains the dynamics of the information avalanche.  As Clay explains, the amount of available information won’t subside anytime soon; you’ve either got to learn to deal with (effectively filter) it, or be crushed (read, stupefied into inaction) by the sheer volume.  On top of that (and as I’ve stated before in this blog), the information is, for the most part (and, again, only if effectively filtered) credible, of high quality, and it’s cheap, too.  Hell, for the most part, it’s free for the asking.  It’s what you do with that information, though, that really matters.

The Day’s Workout

Very simple, very effective, and very, very quick.  4 full rounds of the following, at weight, in 25 minutes:

  1. Front Squat + Front Push Press combo x 5’s
  2. Ballistic Regular-grip Pullups x 5’s

A couple of notes: the front squat/front push-press combo is performed in the manner of a thruster (Crossfit style), albeit broken into two separate lifts — more along the lines of a clean and jerk — without the clean.  Whereas the Crossfit thruster is one, fluid movement,  I prefer to go much heavier than to allow (due to hand and elbow positioning, mostly) for the “Crossfit” thruster version.  However, I do appreciate the Crossfit intent — a full-body, ass-kickin’ workout from a well-designed exercise.

The ballistic pullups are done at body weight with the hands coming totally free from the bar at the completion of the explosive concentric phase of the lift, as if I were trying to launch myself up through the ceiling.  The free-fall “catch” is with the elbows at approximately 45° and with a “fast as possible” deceleration to the full extension, reset position.

And a very important note: be mindful not to clobber yourself with a self-inflicted, barbell uppercut to the jaw while performing the front push-press.  Or if you choose not to be mindful, at least wear a damn mouthpiece.  Or keep your yap shut tight, ya mouth-breather.  Suffering little humiliations like having the 6 AM geriatric crowd hover around you in a solace-circle as you “clear the cobwebs” and scan for the bits and jagged shards of teeth that you just know are scattered about the gym — things like this are what keep me humble, I suppose.   After 30-odd years in the game (30 years?????), you’d think I’d know better.  My aching jaw and sensitive teeth remind me that, nope, apparently not.

In Health,



  1. A helpful post as ever Keith.

    I noticed that a lot of your workouts involve rounds of supersets. Any particular reason? Have you experimented with devany’s hierarchical sets at all, or with his singlges / alactic approach?

  2. The overriding goal of each of my workouts is to produce, in the chosen movement functionality, the greatest power output in a given amount of time. My chosen target times (so as to affect the greatest amount of fast-twitch muscle fiber) usually equate to set times of 10 seconds or less.

    I do use a modified version of Art’s hierarchical sets — not very often, but sometimes — as a way to “mix things up”. I also employs the rest-pause method fairly often (analogous to Art’s singles).

    In general, I can sum-up my workouts by saying that most of the time I strive for max power output from each exercise, with each set lasting — most of the time — less than 10 seconds.


  3. Just found your blog – a helpful addition for my Paleo (or Primal) journey. I’m enjoying it immensely.

    Tell me, do you shower at the gym and head straight to work? That would be great if 1) my gym were clean and 2) I was a man. Do you pick the workout time (AM) based on best results or simple convenience?

  4. AT22,
    For the most part, I eat conventionally “finished”, i.e. feedlot beef. I would, however, rather eat grass-fed. The availability of such, though –where I live — is lacking. I do have access to, an eat quite a bit of — naturally raised pork.

    I do shower at the gym — I am lucky in the respect that the facilities where I workout (Rocky Mount, NC YMCA) are very nice. The AM workout is a compromise between convenience and my work schedule. I do, though think that AM workouts, in a fasted state, are best.

    Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. Feel free to let me know if you’d like to see something in particular covered in more depth.


  5. Very cool video you posted, its something I have always thought about so its cool to see someone give it some thought…..
    BTW love the new blog design very clean. Keep up the great blogging, I have to day I really look forward to your posts as they give me something to relate to as we both eat and train very similarly, I love me some fasted AM workouts!!


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