Sincerity is the highest compliment you can pay.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rusty Rail Action.  PhotoToasty


Yeah, sometimes getting up and rolling out into the dark pre-dawn is kinda like this (very cool, I might add) photo from PhotoToasty.  A little like trudging off into the abyss.  This morning it was even tougher to get motivated, being stormy as it was; I awoke to the sound rain pitter-pattering on the roof and a hard wind in the trees.  I’ve been here before, though — that extra hour in bed never quite feels as good as the satisfaction of completing an intense workout under difficult circumstances.  So at oh-five-twenty I hit the road with my trusty cup of Joe (a redeye, of course) for the fabulous G-Vegas to the City on the Rise commute.

Once I hit the Y, though, I was ready to do the fast-twitch, rock-and-roll.  I even dusted of an oldie but goodie exercise, having my memory of it brought back after seeing the movement here.  Anyway, this little jewel of a combo took roughly half an hour to complete, warm-up included.

    1. DB Snatch.  Worked up to heavy singles with each arm
    2. Reverse deadlift x 8’s (check out the link above) 

I performed this combo in a slightly different manner than the usual 1, 2…1, 2 routine.  I did maybe two or 3 DB snatch singles (in a rest-pause fashion, each arm) for each set of reverse deadlifts.  Be careful with the reverse deadlifts as you really have to to work up, over time — and by “over time”, I mean over many months — to a maximal stretch.  I wound up doing 4 sets of the reverse deads, interspersed throughout the rest-pause fashion, DB snatch singles.


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