The wise person questions the wisdom of others because they question their own; the foolish one, because it is different from their own. – Leo Stein



Vinod Sohanlal 

A fantastic job and a stellar bit of insight from Methuselah, of Live Now, Pay Later in writing this article for Fitness Spotlight.

The continued and diligent search for the “optimal and doable” is what TTP is all about.  And I whole-heartedly agree with Methuselah’s premise — that what was “paleo” and “evolutionary” might be a shade removed from what is actually optimal for the genotype.  We have to be constantly vigilant for new information and questioning of what we now “know” to be true, open-minded and not necessarily wedded to any one notion just because it gives us a feeling of solidity beneath our feet.

I truly believe that the Paleo lifestyle is the North Star by which to navigate the ocean of heath and fitness.  Individual routes may vary, one might take raft or luxury liner, but the general destination remains the same.   Always be open, though, to adjusting  your tack, dependant upon what environment you encounter. 


In Health,



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