Just as the body cannot exist without blood, so the soul needs the matchless and pure strength of faith

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s see — a tough bout of sprints on Tuesday, followed by Wednesday morning’s early up and at-’em (following a paltry 5 hours of sleep — welcome back to work-a-day grind, Keith!), a tough early morning half-hour MetCon session AND, oh yeah, I gave a pint of O-positive on Wednesday afternoon.  Can you say wiped out?  Anyway, enough with the pathetic whimpering.  This was Wednesday morning’s MetCon circuit:

  1. Power Shrug + Power Clean Complex (3 shrugs followed by 3 cleans)
  2. Regular Grip, Weighted Pull-ups, x 6’s (drop to 5’s in the last 2 sets)
  3. Trap Muscle Up (upright row to front press, one single motion) + Bradford Press Complex (1 muscle-up + 6 total presses = 1 rep) x 2 reps
  4. Repeat #2

Four rounds of this in roughly 35 minutes.  Double the sets of pull-ups thrown in today, and at a greater number of reps/set than normal.  No real reason, other than I hadn’t done pull-ups in a while, so I chose a higher rep/more set methodology vice risking injury and diving right into a more heavy-duty rep scheme.  In the power shrug, I came completely off the floor (i.e., my feet left the floor, in a vertical jump).

Don’t confuse the “trap or upright row muscle-up” with the CrossFit, gymnastic ring muscle-up (which, by the way, is a phenomenal exercise if you’re lucky enough to have access to rings).

On to Friday ~

Another morning workout, another race against the clock.  Here’s how it shaped-up:

  1. Sumo Deadlift to High Pull x 6’s
  2. Behind the Neck Push-Jerk to Overhead Squats x 4’s
  3. Weighted Dips x 3’s

4 rounds at working weight in 25 minutes, then —

  • Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows, 11 continuous reps (rest-pause method)
  • Weighted Dips x 3 (used the same weight as in the prior complex)

In the Sumo DL to high pull complex, remember to really explode the weight off the floor.  This exercise is to be done as one fluid motion vice a disjointed, 2-step motion.  I need to remember to warm-up my shoulders better prior to engaging in overhead squats.  I really ought to know better, especially since (1) I’m working out at the ass-crack of dawn, before my body is really “prime for action” and (2) it’s cold outside, which makes for an initially colder than normal body (I go through the same, re-learning curve for dumb-asses, every winter!).  Besides that, my shoulders have never been totally agreeable with the overhead barbell snatch grip.  I’m either too tight in the shoulder girdle, or I’ve dabbled in a bit too much football (probably a lot of  both).  I love the overhead squat, though, so this is something I’d really like to get worked out.  There are always improvements to be made, even when you’ve been at the game for 30+ years.

The TTP Steak Salad, Deconstructed ~

I realized that the prior photographs of my steak salad did depict the “salad” part of the equation very well, since, after laying on the beef, everything else gets eclipsed.  Maybe the following sequence will rectify that.  Here we go:

First off, the meat.  I prefer a London Broil for my steak salads.  A couple of reasons for this: (1) I like the salad meat to be cold and, (2) because it’s cold, I prefer to use a meat that’s pretty lean to start with start with.  For me, it’s just a mouth-feel thing.  I did this 2lb. London Broil the night before, on the grill and along with that night’s dinner (T-bones).  Let it cool to room temperature, then put it in the fridge.  Wait slice it until just before you want to chow-down — otherwise, you lose a good bit of the juices.  And make sure to slice cross-grain to enhance the tenderness of the meat.

London Broil, cooked to perfection
London Broil, cooked to perfection

Next up, a good bed of salad greens.  In this case, we have a “baby spring mix”.

Rabbit food
Rabbit food
Pears, tangerine, onions...
Pear, tangerine, onion...
...avocado, pineapple, raspberries, cellary, carrots...
...avocado, pineapple, raspberries, cellary, carrots...
...and the meat
...and the meat!

I topped this beauty off with Meesus TTP’s famous raspberry vinaigrette and a handful of raw walnuts.  And damn if it wasn’t good.

In Health,



  1. That is just about the best looking steak salad I have ever seen! It would be great to see a post on what you think of supplements and what your current supplement regime is now? Are you just taking Mark Sisson’s Packs and Cod Liver Oil?

    Thanks Keith

  2. Yeah, that’s the extent of my supplement routine, Chris — cod liver oil (gotta have lemon flavored — Carlson’s is the best I’ve found) and MS’s Damage Control Formula multi-vitamin. I took creatine in my pre-Paleo life, but I’m not convinced of it’s effectiveness in a low-carb, high protein/fat environment. I remain open-minded about that, though.


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