Just a quickie to let everyone in on this: give a listen to the Super Human Radio show via podcast here.  This episode has a definite bodybuilding lean to it, but the diet information given is straight-up, deckplate level, Paleo.  And Dave Palumbo knows his stuff, maybe not in a scientific way, but definately in an empirical way.  I can appreciate a guy who practices what he preaches.  Kinda reminds me of me, in that regard. 🙂  And no matter what you think of the “freak show” of  bodybuilding, the fact remains that these guys and gals have to be hyper aware of their diets and how any diet variation/manipulation will affect their appearance.  Anyway, this is a really good and informative show (albeit with quite a few ads).

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  1. Very interesting stuff; I listened to the podcast this morning on the way to work and its packed with good pointers and information, so I was curious about the diet and googled it when I got back home: http://tinyurl.com/palumbo pretty hard core in terms of the minimal carb intake but it looks like it would be darn effective for people preparing for contests…..

    Still I’m sure none of the meals would compare to your Beef/Salad/Fruit combo you posted a few days back…..

    Thanks pointing the podcast out Keith! I don’t know if you listen to the Livin la VIda Low Carb podcast but that’s also pretty good most episodes…..

    • I really like Jimmy Moore’s stuff at Livin’ La Vida Lo-Carb. When you commute 10 hours a week, these podcasts are lifesavers!


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