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I’ve just created a Facebook group that I envision serving as a kind of companion forum platform for this blog.  I think that for quick and/or ongoing discussions, recipe trades, encouragement, workout ideas, etc., it just might be the ticket.  Of course, I’ll continue with the always deep, engaging an informative posts 😉 right here at TtP!  And, of course, there is an ulterior motive in this (isn’t there always?); new and up-to-the-minute ideas.  I’ve done this — the fitness thing, more so than the “Paleo” thing — for quite some time, and, as is human nature I suppose, I tend to forget that some things that are lodged in my mind are not, per say, “common knowledge”.  I’ve had quite a few “oh, yeah” and “oh, wow” moments in answering questions related to posts I’ve done.  I’ve had some face-to-face conversations with friends that tell me, basically, “dude, I love your blog, but damn, you’re talking way over my head on some of this stuff.”  I think that between the Theory to Practice Facebook group, and the TtP blog, we can get most every base covered — novice to “old pro”.  Something for everyone.  It’ll be a cool place to post relevant pictures and video clips as well!  I’d love to see some success sequences in picture and/or video form.

So I encourage you to come join the TtP Facebook group, here.  Let’s have some fun with it and make it our own!  If you’re not on Facebook, I encourage you to run (sprint!) right on over there and set-up an account.  It’s quick and easy — and I can attest to the fact that it’s more addictive than highly refined simple carbohydrates!  In a good way, though.  I’ve run across many long-lost friends on FB that I otherwise would never have found.  And if your extended family is like mine — spread throughout the nether-regions of the world — it’s just a fantastic “keep in touch” tool to have around.  I never thought I’d be a champion for FB, but here I am, doing just that!

See kids?  Your old pops isn’t the social techno-idiot that you thought he was 😉

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