I stumbled over a couple of things that I thought were interesting and that are relevant to the TTP lifestyle.  You may or may not have happened across them yet.  Now, I usually don’t “forward” too many things that I find elsewhere in the blogosphere (unless I have a particular “application” wrinkle to add) because I figure that people who peruse this blog probably have already run across the same material.  However, I thought the following two items were important enough to highlight.

First up is Dr. Dean Ornish.  Huh-what?? you say.  Yeah, I know.  But this is just another instance of listening to what someone has to say without maintaining any preconceived notions about what they will say. And I have to say that this little talk on gene expression is, in my opinion (and experience), spot-on.  Knowing his thoughts about gene expression, though, leaves me to wonder how he can deny the superiority of a Paleo-like diet over his brand of “low-fat” diet.  Things that make you go hmmmm.

Next up is a short essay (I guess you could call it that) by Henry Rollins.  I guess I’m really dating myself here by saying that I’ve been a big fan of Rollins since I was a kid and Rollins led the band Blag Flag. I’ve always had a peculiar and all-encompassing musical taste.  Anyway, this piece has been passed around quite a bit, but I still love the message.  Thanks goes to Drew Baye for resurrecting it.

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