I listened to an informative Super Human Radio podcast this morning during my gym/work commute.  Host Carl Lanore interviewed Dr. Scott Connelly for this segment, and what an interesting segment it was.  This show is part I of a four-part series covering insulin, insulin resistance and the diet/exercise insulin connection.  Dr. Connelly drills down pretty deep in his explanations — much deeper than any lay person needs to go — but it is, nonetheless, highly interesting stuff.

Dr. Connelly, for those who might not remember (or for those who might not have been around — I forget that I’m gettin’ to be an old timer in this game), the diet/fitness scene of the early ’90’s, has always been a staunch advocate of a high protein (whey isolate) consumption type diet.  He is the inventor/founder of the Met Rx meal replacement supplement, one of the first really bonafide and nutritious MRS to hit the market.  The good Dr. has apparently improved upon his original “recipe” and, after selling the Met Rx line, has begun a new venture by the name of Progenex.  Although I don’t use protein supplements myself, Dr. Connelly does make a good argument for their use, given the sad state of the American food supply system.  Tainted animal rearing practices lead to a tainted and incomplete, final product.  I can’t really argue with that reasoning.

Enjoy the interview.

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Keith Norris is a former standout athlete, a military vet, and an elite strength and conditioning expert with over 35 years of in-the-trenches experience. As a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, he is an owner, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of the largest Paleo conference in the world, Paleo f(x) . As well, Keith is a partner in one of the most innovative lines of boutique training studios in the nation, Efficient Exercise. He’s also a partner in ARXFit training equipment, and a founding member of ID Life. In his spare time, he authors one of the top fitness blogs in the health and wellness sphere, Theory To Practice.



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