After cramming in three tough workouts within a 35-hour span, well — let’s just say that I know exactly how this guy feels:

One Spent Cat
One Spent Cat

Thanks to my friend and coworker, Cristina, for sending this picture she took of her cat, Motan, taken just moments after the poor fella missed a new Clean & Jerk PR by a mere fraction.  Better luck next time, big guy.  Motan, by the way, is Romanian for “Tom Cat”.  You learn something new every day, here at TTP, huh?

So three workouts compressed within a two-day timeframe is not my usual modus operandi.  However, with the holidays here — and gym and work schedules being as they are, and with the weather being a bit wiggy (rain, snow, cold, warm — you can never tell) here in eastern North Carolina in the winter months, I thought I might try to shock the system sufficiently to carry me through the Christmas (I’ll cross the “New Years” holiday bridge when I get there).  But in compressing a number of workouts within a short period of time, one must favor careful planning at the expense of the more loosey-goosey randomness.  Look not only at the contrast between these workouts, but also notice the modality consistency within each workout.  We want to try to avoid cross-contaminating widely divergent modalities within each workout, usually.  There is a time and a place for this when dealing with certain competative athletes, but it is not the norm.

A thumbnail sketch of the workout timing over Monday and Tuesday looked like this:

Monday: AM  workout, normal workday

Tuesday: AM workout, normal workday, PM workout

The Details

Monday AM, prior to the workday, empty stomach.  This was a speed/strength (ballistic) and strength/speed(power) dominant workout:

  1. Kneeling chest press/launch with a 5 kg medicine ball x 5 reps
  2. Gymnastic ring kipping pull-ups to just shy of the “muscle-up” position x 8 reps (since I was concerned more with the pull-up portion here, I started from a full hang and pulled to the position just prior to the internal rotation, whereas the clip shows beginning at the half hang, with an emphasis on the internal rotation, muscle-up and dip)

Three rounds of that, followed by:

Weighted Jump Squats (from the full, top-of-thigh parallel to the ground position), 5 sets of 6 reps

This workout took about 45 minutes to complete.  I followed with a steam bath/cold shower contrast to help aid in my recovery.  One down, two to go.

Tuesday AM, prior to the workday, empty stomach.  Strength/speed (power) dominant:

Power Snatch.  Worked up to a weight sufficient for 7 singles.  This clip is of a full snatch.  I started each rep with the bar just above my knee.

Power Curl.  Same thing here, worked up to 7 singles.  Performed an approximate 3-count negative biceps curl (or as slow as I could manage) on the return.

Another 45-minute workout followed by a steam/cold contrast recovery.

Tuesday PM, 10 hours after the completion of the AM workout, I did this little beauty.  And damn was it taxing.  Again, I followed this with a steam/cold shower contrast.  Strength dominant.

  1. Regular (over/under) grip Deadlifts x 1’s (7 lifts total for the entire workout.  4 lifts at >90% of max, 3 lifts at >95% of max)
  2. Weighted Dips x 2’s

7 rounds of that superset with lots of rest between each set (i.e., not intended to be a metcon workout).  It doesn’t look like much on paper, but it’s a killer.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

In Health,



  1. And “Cristina”, by the way, is Romanian for “Christinne”.

    You are lucky that you have a romanian coworker :), send her my regards

    Craciun fericit! (Merry Christmas) 🙂

  2. Keith,

    Merry Christmas first, and thanks for some interesting reading on this and the next post!

    One question I have is: did you do the ring pullups with the false grip? I find that this is easily the toughest part of the muscle up for me . . . maintaining the false grip at the bottom when you lock your arms out. I don’t know if you do a ton of muscle up training, but that is part of the movement that I’ve been working on.



    • Yes, I did use a false grip…and it helps to chalk your hands well before you begin. I haven’t done these often in the past, but circumstances are such now that I should be able to do them more often.


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