“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein

I can’t think of a more appropriate quote after having seen Oprah’s recent video clip,  New Year, New Plan.  I have to say that I find it extremely difficult to believe that such a driven, intelligent and incredibly powerful woman can be duped by such out-and-out ludicrous diet and fitness advice — and publicly so, no less — and not once but twice!  I’ve already commented on Oprah’s dismal diet and fitness advice in this post, so I won’t tread that well-worn path again.   We all know  full well how this sorry tale of her’s will progress and ultimately crash-and-burn.  If you haven’t yet, checkout Richard’s post over at Free the Animal, as he pretty much says all that need be said on this subject.  Check out the comments, too as they’re spot-on and insightful as well.  I guess all that I can add to this sorry state of affairs is this: Oprah, dahling, if you really want to put an end to your public diet and fitness misery and humiliation, drop Bob Greene like a hot potato (pun intended) and call me.  Otherwise, sorry to say, but the next stop for you and Brain-Trust Bob’s “new you”, unfortunately, is going to be over on failblog.  And I truly hate that for you.  For Brain-Trust Bob, well, not so much.  My feeling is this: if you dispense with asinine diet and fitness advice, you deserve you just comeuppance.  Fail!

Just one more thing, really, and I’m done with this subject for good.  I think the world of you, Oprah, but really, my heart pumps piss to hear about your 14-hour -long day.  I do that grind, too — and so do a lot of others — so you’re certainly not alone.  And I cook my own food, as well as shop for it — 95 % of the time if I eat, it was either made by me, or I had a big, heavy hand in it.  And yeah, that includes washing dishes when the meal is done.  I don’t have a personal chef or a maid to look after my every need, and I sure as hell don’t have a personal assistant to schedule my workouts, meals, and “just me” time.  No, I do all of that my self — and quite well, thank you — all the while maintaining a single-digit body fat ratio, and — if I do say so myself — a fairly decent physique for a guy of 44.  I guess this is a round-about way of saying that you have no excuses, Oprah.  None.  We’re all busy people just trying to be fit in an environment that is everything but.  But if you were to ever ask my advice on the subject (yeah, right) I’d simply refer you to this post’s opening quote, as well as suggest that you, in the future, surround yourself with better counsel.

And speaking of “chef-less” meals prepared after a long workday (post PM workout as well — subject of tomorrow’s post), Meesus TTP and I whipped-out tonight’s dinner in about 15 minutes.  The menu?  Broiled sirloin, steamed cauliflower and avocado.  15 minutes!  There’s nothing to the sirloin: tenderize, season (rub in brisket rub, fresh cracked pepper, and olive oil), top with butter and place on a buttered and pre-heated, cast-iron flat, as close as possible under the broiler (high setting).  Go about two minutes (depending on the cut’s thickness) each side for a rare/medium rare outcome.  It’s the best “fast food” you’ll ever taste.  London Broil is just fabulous done in this way as well.

Good Paleo Eatin'.  And Fast, Too!
Good Paleo Eatin'. And Fast, Too!

In health,



  1. Keith,

    Once again you’re singing my song. The time it takes my colleagues to get out of the office, drive to a restaurant, stand in line or wait at a table, wait for the (subpar) food to arrive, and drive BACK to the office is far less than the preparation time it takes me to prepare a delicious paleo meal from scratch.


  2. That’s rigt!!!!

    Although be honest now….. you do have a dish washer don’t you 😉

    I’ve ranted before about my friend. She pays big bucks to be in “Boot Camp” 3 days a week.
    But can’t seem to manage to boil herself a few eggs.

    Like my teacherdad always said, “If you don’t really want it…you’re not gonna get it.”

    Enjoy the weekend Keith.

  3. Hey Keith,

    Thanks for the recipe for a fast, healthy meal. I will try that this week. Also, I agree with you on Oprah. Richard’s post did nail it. I would love to see you train her!


  4. I think the proof will be in the pudding (no pun intended). Sure Oprah will probably lose weight and proclaim how great her trainer is and how the USDA Standard American Diet (SAD) promotes weight loss. She’ll put on a happy public face. But given enough time, her hunger and insulin will take over and she’ll slowly climb back to her original weight. I doubt she’ll admit that she’s hungry all the time.

    It is an experiment that has been tried over and over with the same results. Isn’t that the definition of insanity – trying the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome?

    I have to wonder if she is unwilling to try something different. Maybe she does not want to venture into the ‘fad diet’ realm. But the paleo lifestyle is so basic, yet people see it as strange. They are so brainwashed that they will lump that way of eating in with The Grapefruit Diet or other nonsense.

    Anyway, the steak look great. Olive oil, pepper and beef is always a good standard plus steamed veggies. That’s pretty much a weekly staple at our place.


    • Andy — ya know, maybe that’s it. Maybe Oprah’s been briefed on the Paleo way, and, for whatever reason, won’t accept it. I can certainly understand her reluctance to delve into the “fad-realm” (isn’t that ironic, in this case?) and that her doings have to have mass appeal. She’s an intelligent woman, though, and I just can’t see that she’d dismiss the proof of this lifestyle’s effectiveness if it were presented to her rationally. This really is like watching a staging of Macbeth. We all know the highs and lows and how the story will ultimately end. It’s captivating, in a tragic way, though, nonetheless.

      BC — London Broil is what we usually do in this manner. However, we had these sirloins set out and ready to go, but I wasn’t man enough to get out in the cold last night and grill them! If you have one of those little Mexican mom & pop grocery stores in the Raleigh area, drop in and grab pick up a cast-iron flat. There’s just something about the taste they impart — something with the cast-iron and butter combination.

      Jeff — Time is of the essence during the work week. Just about any meat works well like this. Fish, too.

      Marc — Yeah, you’re right, I should have come completely clean on the dish washing issue. So much for journalistic honesty 🙂

      Ryon — I see the same thing where I work. Victims of bad habits and deep ruts, mostly — and USDA dogma, of course.

  5. Steak is like the easiest thing in the world to fix, even in the morning while you are getting ready for work. Fix it in a pan or broil it. Cast iron sears meat really well. Although I’m not convinced that today’s cast iron skillets are as good as the old ones my mother had. But then again hers had years of seasoning and use to them.

    Poor Oprah. It’s all between her ears, as I’ve said before.

    Beef tenderloin for dinner tonight!


  6. Love the london broil too. You guys have got to get some venison added to your protein sources. Do any of you use wild game much? Oprah and my mother seem to have the same issues- my poor mom is a closet carb junkie and “pre-diabetic”. Im looking forward to sharing these blogs with her…..she wont listen exclusively to me.

    • I would love to add wild game to my diet, Chuck. Unfortunately, the urban jungle doesn’t offer many hunting opportunities. I truly envy you for your ability to do so, though (live off the land). Maybe one day…..


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