I can’t say enough good things about this exhibition, Ashes and Snow. I highly recommend the DVD.  Have a look at these YouTube clips to wet your appetite. This website will give you a good feel for the experience as well. Wow! I really wish I could catch this exhibition live.

The juxtaposition of human frailty and animal power is amazing here.  The whole experience is mesmerizing.  And it’s erotic in a way that’s hard to explain.  I’m sure our Paleolithic brethren, though, would have had no trouble at all explaining the phenomenon.  But we are so far “advanced” from those cultures, right?  Can you see any place for obesity, metabolic syndromes/malfunctions, or “Frankenfoods” here?

I’m really speachless.  Enjoy.

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    • It’s difficult to put into words why this is so captivating, or why it makes me feel good about my chosen lifestyle — maybe it’s the beauty found in the truly primal?


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