“Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.”

~ Marie Curie

By necessity, my eating during the week leans more toward the utilitarian end of the spectrum, as opposed to the gourmet.  I still eat well enough, though, and it’s good food, too.  No processed crap, or any other such nonsense.  My work day modus operandi is to take in two meals, and have dinner at home.  At dinner we’ll make enough so that I’ll have leftovers for the following day, and so on and so forth.  For what it’s worth, my meal timing during the work week is usually spaced throughout my waking hours thusly:

  • 4:30 AM, Rise and shine
  • 6:15 — 7 AM, workout (on those days that I do workout.  Otherwise this is writing and/or reading time)
  • 8-ish AM, Breakfast
  • 11-ish AM, Lunch
  • 8-ish PM, Dinner

I might have a handfull of nuts (I keep some on hand at work) in the late afternoon, sometimes not.  Also, I keep olive oil at work for salads, as the company cafeteria has a pretty decent salad bar.  I’m pretty sure their oil is of the vegetable variety though, so I supply my own.  On the weekends I have no schedule at all, and so the majority of my IF’-ing is done between Friday at lunch until Monday morning.  This is also time for the majority of food exploration and fancier meals.  What follows though, is where progress is made or lost; the day-to-day, in the trenches work.  So here’s a typical, workday’s fare:


Leftover grass-fed beef pot roast (from two nights prior), strawberries and two soft-boiled eggs.


Leftover T-bone from the night prior, and cauliflower.

And now, for dinner.  Tonight’s fare is basic, steak 101; nothing fancy, and it’s fast, to boot.  Now, normally, I’m an outdoor, prep it and throw it on the grill kind of guy; but it turned really cold here in North Carolina — too cold for me to want to mess with the grill, so it’s under the broiler for the sirloins we’ve got set out.  All I did to these was tenderize (mechanically), and rub with olive oil, pepper and brisket rub seasoning.  I greased the comal (a basic, cast iron flat) with bacon grease and preheated it under the oven broiler (set on high).

Flippin' Time
Flippin’ Time

About two minutes each side for these bad boys is all you need for a nice medium rare outcome.  I dab a little butter on the broiler-up side of the meat for browning purposes.

The Final Product
The Final Product

Like I said, nothing fancy here.  The cabbage you see was simply sauteed in bacon grease (with a little added EVOO), along with some (pre-sauteed) shallots and fresh garlic.  I think it takes longer to prep the cabbage than it does to actually cook it.  We added some fresh cut pineapple and some strawberries to the round out the meal, and a little wine.  And, of course, I’ve got leftovers already packed for tomorrow.

In Health,



  1. Excellent eating a pretty similar to my day of food except I include some more nuts/fruit and less meat in the morning. Plus I tend to eat more raw stuff (Salads etc)
    Seriously impressed with your cooking skills though lunch and dinner are making me salivate!

  2. Hey Keith, the food looks good, I love cabbage.
    Nothing else to say really but I wanted to mention that
    I’m still enjoying your blog, also I agreed with your post a while back on vegetarianism 100%.
    See ya

    • Alex,
      I reheat meat/beef just enough to knock the chill off of it (on fattier cuts); lean cuts (like London broil), I prefer to eat cold.

      Yeah, I don’t have any real meal component preferences in relation to the time of day. Anything goes for me, at any time.

      I’ll reuse bacon fat once after the initial rendering. That’s just my personal preference. It may be fine to reuse it numerous times — I just don’t know. I usually have a surplus of it anyway, so it’s not an issue for me.

  3. Some nice food ideas thanks.How often can you re-use bacon fat,is it safe to keep continually heating it up or do you just use it once or twice.
    Also is the bacon in the US full of preservatives?This is also a worry of mine.

    Fairly new to this way of eating thanks
    Great blog you have

    • Oh yeah, Graeme — Most commercial brands of Bacon in the US are treated with preservatives. Bacon, though, is an item that I’ve found to be reasonably cheap via local providers/ farmer’s markets, and this is where I get the majority of my stock.

  4. Very cool. Those sirloins do look delicious. I find myself often going to Wendy’s or some place for a big burger, without the bread of course when on the road. I usually have it plain with cheese. I know losing the cheese is probably good.

    Have you ever done any research on the best of the fast food burgers as far as content. I imagine they all suck, but I like them and they are nice quick meal on the road. Any thoughts?

    Also, my daily fare is similar. I eat a lot of eggs, nuts, and berries and am finding I’m eating good old read meat more and more than anything else. Coconut oil is also a staple for me.

    • Brett,
      I can’t say that I’ve had a fast food burger, bun-free or otherwise, in years (since before I went Paleo, even). Given the choice, I’ll fast until I can get a “decent” meal. I can’t see where your way, if done infrequently, would hurt, though, no matter the meat quality.

  5. I continue to notice differences between the Zone and Paleo camps, and in addition to less frequent eating, less dairy, fewer processed carbs (zone eaters occasionally build meals to accomodate for a tortilla or something), I’ve noticed that many paleo eaters like yourself get a very high percentage of their protein from beef. In this particular example, I notice all 3 meals center around it.

    The zone crowd (bare in mind that I only learned of and began eating paleo after first reading and following the advice of the Zone book) seems to have an aversion to eating red meat more than 2-3 times per week. Since you typically eat that recommendation in a day, I was wondering if you had any sources i could look into which contradict the notion that red meat in high amounts is unhealthy? I will happily drink the koolaid and continue to eat red meat in large amounts without any such source, as I think beef is the best part of a paleo diet, but I’d love to be able to explain this to a non-paleo eater.

    I know in the zone book they refer to Arachidonic acid which is supposed to be an unhealthy fat and should only be eaten in moderation. Any insight on this would be appreciated, and I bet there are a bunch of people out there who would be initially intimidated by such a beef-rich diet!

    Also recently in Bahrain I went to this Beef eaters buffet, where you went up to the beef station and stated how many servings of what cuts you wanted (as much as you desire!), and they cooked them to your liking right there. “2 Filet Mignon’s and 1 Prime rib” for me. You’d have loved it. In Bahrain, they have to try to have good food, because they really don’t have much else going on. Just thought I’d share!


    • Bryce,

      Yeah, I’ve had the privilege of both the Persian Gulf tour(s) and the trip(s) to Bahrain. Both contributed equally towards my not getting “20” 🙂 Good food, ample booze — and, really, some pretty cool rec. activities — not withstanding.

      As far a s the red meat consumption, it would probably be better if I had more variety (of meat) in my diet — I do though, (although it wasn’t reflected in this post) eat a lot of chicken and pork as well. During the summer, I’ll eat fish a couple of times a week. My true feeling on the matter is, though, that most of the negatives associated with beef consumption (especially the arachidonic acid issues) are negated in the absence of a high carb./insulin environment. Understand that this is just my opinion, and I have no “studies” to back that claim. Ultimately, I think the quality of meat (ie, grass-fed when possible) trumps variety. Again, this is just my gut feeling.

      What’s pictured is the small comal. You can get them twice that size, though storage is a bit of a pain. But if you have the space…

  6. Food looks great as always. I’ll have to look for one of those cast iron things for broiling as it looks like your steaks turn out really good. Using bacon grease probably doesn’t hurt either!

    Got the costillas fixed in olive oil, fresh ground pepper, and brisket rub in the oven for tomorrow even as we speak! I think I got about 2 more rib fixings with the brisket rub and then I’ll have to buy another box. Not bad since I’ve fixed a bunch of ribs.

    I made deviled eggs today (6 eggs). For some reason they don’t seem to satisfy me like meat does. I ended up fixing a ribeye around 5 pm and then I felt a lot better. Maybe I just prefer hot food to cold? Not sure.



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