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Barefoot Sprinter's Paradise
Barefoot Sprinter's Paradise

Sunday, the 8th, was a beautiful day for an extended session of barefooted interval sprints sandwiched between sessions of interval (biking) sprints on the fixie. Spring is definitely right around the corner, as evidenced by the collegiate women’s softball tournament being held at the ECU softball complex. And my son’s senior season baseball campaign kicks off (I guess that’s a mixed metaphor, huh?) in 3 short weeks. Bring on the heat! Anyway, no throws today, or anything other than running and biking sprints, as I did quite a bit of both. For the running sprints, I performed 10 rounds of 10-second sprints, with full recovery between each sprint. I hit a half-stride drop-off on sprints 9 and 10, and called it quits on the running portion there. Then it was back on the bike for more fixie hucking in and around the ECU campus and G-Vegas in general. This was performed 16-hours into a fast which I eventually broke at about the 21-hour point.

Tuesday morning at the Y

Up at 4:30 AM, coffeed-up and in the gym by 6:15 and hittin’ it hard by about 6:30. Here’s what ensued:

1. DB Split Snatch + Split Jerk x 3’s and 2’s, each arm

2. Reverse Grip Power Pull-ups x 7’s

3. Weighted Gironda* Dips x 7’s

* This is a pretty good demonstration of the Gironda dip.  I, however, perform mine with a reverse grip (thumbs pointing to the rear, which really forces the elbows out), and in my mind, this is what makes for a true Gironda dip.  It is rather tough on the wrists, though, if you’re not used to doing them.  After a while of performing the dips in this manner, though, your wrists will adjust.  This is akin to the “learning curve” (wrist flexability) in the front squat and/or proper clean & jerk catch.

Anyway, 4 rounds of that, then:

Weighted glute-ham raise, 3 sets of 3.

Total time, approximately 30 minutes.

Thursday morning at the Y

  1. Front Squat x 5’s
  2. BTN Push Press x 3’s
  3. Weighted, Regular Grip Pull-ups x 3’s

5 rounds of this, with the first round being a “heavy, but not quite ‘at weight'” transition round between the end of my warm up and the “at weight” portion of my workout.  To save time, I used the same load for my BTN push presses as I did for the front squats.  I performed each rep of each set as fast as possible.  Note, this does not mean that I performed each set of each exercise, or each round as fast as possible.  There is a huge difference, physiologically speaking, in these two types of modalities.

Friday evening at the Y

A quick, after-work workout, followed by about a half-hour’s worth of steam bath/cold water contrasts (3 rounds).

  1. Whip Snatch + Overhead Squats (2 reps, pause, 2 reps)
  2. Regular grip Power Pull-ups x 6’s

5 total rounds of that.  The whip snatch to OHS is a beast of an exercise.  It’s amazing how much good work can be done in a small space, with a simple Oly bar, and a relatively small amount of weight.

Looking forward to next week, I’ll be changing things up quite a bit.  It’s about time to throw the ol’ body a curve, as I can tell I’m stagnating a bit in my power lifts.  I’ll probably hit a couple weeks worth of German Volume Training, while maintaining my weekend sprint/throw routine.  We’ll see how it goes, and I’ll throw out a post on GVT (and why I’m leaning toward this technique) during the week, so we can all be on the same page when the next edition of A Week’s Worth of Workouts” comes out.  Until then —

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  1. That grass looks heavenly!!
    I miss real grass. Unless I sneak onto a golf course early morning for my sprints, I’m stuck with the weird grass they have everywhere here in FL.
    But then again I have my beach for sprints.
    I’m going to be lazy and copy your workout for the week. Thanks for sharing. Still awaiting your videos……

    My dip/pull up belt is working beautifully.


    • Glad to hear the belt is working out well, Marc. And, yeah, I’m still trying to fit in a video session at some point. Just about all my free time as of late, though, has been tied-up in trying to get my house sold 🙂

  2. Man, I’m jealous. I’ve been itching to sprint for 2 months now. My knee rehab seems to be at a standstill, since staying off it is out of the question – standing OOD for 5 hrs at a time leaves it kinda sore. I ice it after training or watch, and heatpad it later on. I’m also trying to work the rehab, but I guess patience is the name of the game.

    Can’t wait to sprint!


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