I hate to be such a damn cynic, but could we not see this one coming from a mile away?

“After searching NHANES between the years 1999 and 2004 for participants that fit the JUPITER profile, then extrapolating that to the general population, Michos and Blumenthal estimate that about 6.5 million older adults with low cholesterol and high CRP might benefit from statins. If they expanded their search criteria to the cholesterol level cutoff of 160 mg/dl that doctors often use when deciding to prescribe statins, the researchers increased this statin-benefiting group’s size to 10 million.”

Excerpted from a Johns Hopkins medical study, as reported in the blog, Lab Spaces.

I wrote a while back about the infamous JUPITER study; check out this post for my commentary on the subject, and some good links pertaining  to the study as well.

And oddly enough, no mention was made in the Johns Hopkins paper of the efficacy of Paleo-like diets in the reversal of metabolic syndromes.  Imagine that.

And from the TTP Wha-Huh?? Diet and Fitness Files, we have this:

I swear I am not making this up.  This morning, in the gym, I saw the following scene: On the seated leg curl machine was a girl — I say “girl”, I suppose she was in her late twenties/early thirties — very cute in the face, though, unfortunately, about 75 to 100 pounds overweight.  Fair enough, though, she’s in the gym at 6:30 AM — which I applaud! — however, she’s on the leg curl machine, slowly leg-curling away, while eating a figgin’ honey bun! I swear to you — I could not make this up.  Somewhere in the back of this poor girl’s mind was a small voice from her distant (or maybe not so distant) past, saying you’ve got to eat breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. And I’m sure she figured, well, I’ll just kill both the working out and breakfast “birds” with a single stone.  My initial thought was, I’m being punk’d.  Then I remembered that I’m not important enough to be punk’d.  Then, I began to feel very, very secure in my pharmaceutical validation career.

Where would you even begin to correct this mindset?

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  1. Keith,

    We all see odd behavior at the gym, but that takes the cake (pun intended). Of course I’ve seen odd looks while doing burpees or floor wipers, but nothing like the honeybun sister – that brings it to a new level. I would be half tempted to offer some constructive advice, but I tend to live and let live.

    • Kamal,
      Folks where I work sponsor an annual bake sale to benefit the American Heart Association. Well-intentioned, to be sure; I can’t but help, though, shaking my head over the irony of it all.

  2. I’ve stopped trying. We had a birthday party for the kids yesterday. There was a woman who weighed at least 300 pounds, probably more. She was the definition of obese. And there she was, eating a large helping of birthday cake!

    • BC,
      Yeah, if people ask, I’ll be happy to tell them all I know. Otherwise, I treat the subject as I would politics and religion.

  3. A few years ago when I was Active Duty at Naval Space Command (yes, the US Navy had a Space Command) the new Admiral had a barbecue–with kegs as a reward at the end of the twice-yearly Physical Readiness Test. I still laugh about that. It was wonderful… 😀

    But to be fair, there is more context–this was the new Admiral making a statement that “things are gonna be different.” The Navy had gone over the edge with political correctness-type of attitudes, but with a new CNO at the time (Boorda, I think) new direction from the top was to swing the pendulum back a little toward reasonableness.

    And as ironic as I found it, meat and ale after the physical activity *was* quite refreshing… 😉


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