“You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.”

~ Albert Camus

Here’s a look at a surprisingly simple-to-prepare meal that Meesus TTP and I (ok, mostly her) put together a few nights back.  She  soaked these babies in a brine marinade overnight the night before we put them in the broiler.  Meesus is ramping-up her foodie blog at the moment, and once she’s done, she’ll post the recipe (and I’ll post the link).  For now, though, just take a look at how these things turned out.

Pork Chops, Brined and Broiled
Pork Chops, Brined and Broiled

She braised a good sized bunch of Brussels sprouts as a side.  The topping you see on them here is bacon, which she fried-up before hand, using the rendered grease, then (along with some other added ingredients) as the braising medium.  She’ll have this recipe up on her blog as well.

Ready to Eat!
Ready to Eat!

Add a smattering of fruit, and you’ve got a fabulous and, really, pretty damn easy meal to put together.

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  1. That looks like a chiffande of sprouts recipe that I usually make for Christmas diner. I add soya sauce and a bit of lemon juice, in addition to the bacon.

  2. Hey Robert!
    Actually, the brussels sprouts are sauteed in the bacon grease from the bacon that was rendered with some sliced shallots, sea salt & cracked pepper. Once they’re nice & browned & all coated in the grease, I pour about a cup of chicken broth over them & let them simmer with the lid on until they’re just fork tender, DO NOT LET THEM GET MUSHY. Then I turn off the heat & sprinkle a generous amount of balsamic vinegar over them while in the pan just before serving & crumble the rendered bacon over the top. Absolutely delectable!

  3. Nice. I’ll have to try the brussels sprouts this way. I just recently tried them for the first time. Not bad but I need to experiment some more. And get the wife to try them.

    I grilled pork chops last night. Never thought about brining them. Salt, pepper and garlic powder (house seasoning). Then basted the wife’s chop dark brown sugar, dijon mustard and Worchestershire (sp) mixture. Not too much sugar and she loved it. Mine, just mixed together honey mustard, mayo and chipotle. Damn good. Sam’s also has good thick cuts chops (from loin) with a good amount of fat. Now if I could just get ones with the bone in, but those require Fresh Market.

  4. Dana Michelle,

    Thank you for clarifying the B.sprouts recipe.
    I’m going to try it that way.
    I usually just roast them with garlic and evoo under the broiler and then splash them with some balsamic before serving.
    Excited to try it like this. Bought some shallots at the farmers market that are delicious!


  5. OMG, why didn’t I think of braising brussel sprouts in bacon. brussel sprouts have become my favorite thing since I discovered them last fall – we usually just roast in EVOO….but this bacon thing, oh boy, we need to that stat.


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