“We had the experience but missed the meaning.”

~ T. S. Eliot

Picture courtesy of The Economist

Here’s an interesting article that The Economist ran back in February of this year, and one that I’d meant to reference during the hotly contested, “A Calorie is not a Calorie” debates.  This is a good, thought provoking article, as I’m aware of the fact that there is a substantial “raw branch” of the Paleo-lifestyle movement.  This article points out a good many of the main reasons why I’m not a “raw” proponent, per se (dairy notwithstanding — if one is to consume dairy at all).  That’s not to say, though, that I’m so sure that I’d go fully on board with this statement:

“Moreover, without cooking, the human brain (which consumes 20-25% of the body’s energy) could not keep running.”

But the rest of Richard Wrangham’s ideas on the subject — namely, that the control of fire, and the resultant cooking of foodstuffs, enabled the evolutionary transition to the modern physique — are, in my opinion, fully correct.

And don’t forget to give a listen to the companion audio clip, as it contains some additional interesting and expounded upon information.

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