“Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy”

~ Clint Eastwood, as Josey in, The Outlaw Josey Wales

Here’s an interesting theory on which I’d like to see some additional studies performed.  I can attest to the fact that, empirically speaking, my nutrient consumption is much lower in the summer, even though my overall exercise volume increases tremendously.  Interestingly enough, though, my bodyweight doesn’t fluctuate much at all, winter to summer.  The retention of body fat as a function of input stimulus makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint; the phenotype must respond appropriately to promote survival under a given set of environmental  circumstances and/or conditions.

On to the review of the past week’s worth of workouts:


Fixed-speed, intermittent sprints (approximately 2 miles worth). Followed by barefooted, soccer field sprints:

  1. 7-second, full-out sprints
  2. Prime times (approximately 40 yards)

Achieved drop-off in the sprints at rounds 9 and 10. Hard, consistent-speed fixie ride (again, about 2 miles worth) back home. I fasted from about 9 PM Saturday night until approximately 5 PM Sunday. This particular workout, as a matter of comparison to my mini-fast, took place at roughly 10 AM, and lasted the better part of an hour. By 5 PM, I was more than ready to chow-down.

Tuesday morning, YMCA

Still in keeping with the 5 x 5 (or 25 for a bigger engine) theme. Next week, I’ll begin phasing back in a more power/explosive-specific work template.

  1. BTN Push Press x 5
  2. Front Squat x 5

The first round of this superset was semi-heavy, followed by 4 working-weight rounds. I increased the working-weight again at round 2, and once more for round 4; I used the same weights for both the BTN Push Press and the front squat throughout the rounds. In the final round of push presses, though, I had to employ the rest-pause method to achieve (or, in this case, beat) my repetition goal. My last round of BTN push presses looked like this: 4, 2, 1. I was able to achieve 5 reps in the final set of front squats, though, and so I need to increase my working weight a tad here. Something I’ll log and keep in mind for my next hypertrophy cycle.

Thursday morning, YMCA

This was heavy, hard and fast; a real ball-buster, to say the least. In addition to this, I performed my civic duty and took a needle for “team human”, giving a pint of blood in the late afternoon (following lunch).  Of particular note: My body temperature was a bit low (97.2 F) as measured just prior to giving blood. This may be a temporary effect of training so hard and heavy earlier in the day (temporary overreach). Blood pressure registered at 110/70. Quite an improvement over my consistent, 140/90, pre-Paleo-days blood pressure. I’m more and more thankful every day for ditching the grains and refined carbs. Anyway, fasten your collective seatbelts for this one:

1. Front Barbell Push-Press x 5

2. Barbell Lunge x 5 (each leg, alternating)

3. Weighted Pull-Ups x 5

5 balls-out rounds of this complex, with very little rest between exercises. The first set was a semi-heavy “bridge”, serving as a transition from warm-up to working-weight sets. Although the initial set was “light” in comparison to the last 4 rounds, I performed it in an explosive manner. I varied grips in the pull-ups indiscriminately, both throughout the 25 total reps and within each set, from a regular, reverse and parallel grip; “chin-over-the-bar by any means” is how I note this in my workout log. The same weight was used in the front press and barbell lunge.

Moving on to Saturday; No gym?  Raining out?  Hey, no problem.

I hit a few rounds of my CrossFit-inspired, at-home workout.  I had to squeeze this one in between “honey do’s”, home showings and rain showers.  Having just a few simple implements around the house, coupled with a little creative spark, will help salvage the day — workout- wise, at least.

3 rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps of the following:

30-inch table jump
30-inch table jump

Check out the Vibrams — yeah, I’m lovin’ ’em up!

Weighted Dips in the attic opening
Weighted Dips in the attic opening

What you can’t see is the 45 lb kettlebell hanging from my waist.  The 10-foot drop to the floor below acts as added incentive to complete last last few difficult reps  🙂

Alternate arm, kettlebell swings
Alternate arm, kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings between rain showers.  The dogs have scattered, thinking that I’m crazy as hell.  Meesus TTP is sure that I’m certifiably so.

All in all, a good week in the workout department.  This coming week will be a challenge, as there’ll be high school baseball games a-plenty to be made up.

In closing, I’d like to give notice to Alex (who comments here as AT22) over at A Paleo Journey to Health.  For those looking for a female perspective on the Paleo lifestyle, she’s a great resource.  Drop by and say hey to her!  And hey, hit that 2x BW deadlift already, Alex!

In health,



  1. Aw, shucks, thanks! You know you are part of my inspiration team – you, Mark, and Art are quite the trifecta of information and motivation.

    And I’m trying on that DL. Slow and steady!

    Careful on those dips — that looks a little too dangerous to me!

  2. Impressive. Most especially the dips. Don’t want to belabor the points I made about Doug’s workout philosophy, but your physique and performance speak volumes.

  3. BTW — regarding the dips — do you find you have less pain/discomfort with your hands positioned flat like in your picture or gripping a traditional dip bar set-up?

    • Patrik,
      The hand positioning seems to put less stress on my shoulders, though I haven’t used any really heavy weight with this version (for obvious reasons) 🙂

    • Thanks, TG. You know, it’s amazing what the threat of a 10-ft crash-and-burn will do to motivate you to finish that all-important last rep 🙂


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