“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

Mohandas Gandhi

Thank you so much for your blog. I am an avid reader for the past 5 months, and using your techniques in conjunction with a Paleo style diet has helped me to lose over 50 pounds and regain much vitality.
When I lose motivation, I find it again with your writing. I wish you the best.

This is really what it’s all about.  Somebody sheds over 50 pounds, and, in the process, finds a vitality that was once thought forever lost.  I would imagine that so many new doors have been opened for this individual. 

50 pounds! Just contemplate, for a moment, the magnitude of that amount of weight.  I know we all hear wild weight-loss numbers tossed around in the media so often that we become numb — jaded even — to what that loss represents in the way of improved health and quality of life for the person having lost the weight.  In Jeremy’s case though, this weight loss (and even more to come) will be permanent, because he’s made a lifestyle change.  No mind-numbing (and unsustainable) measuring, weighing, timing, consumption logging, or counting calories, points or trading friggin’ pokemon cards/tokens for edible (or not so) morsels.  No misery, no depression; no rebound weight gain.  No, Jeremy is living real life, and beginning to realize the phenotype that he was truly destined to express.

And note, too, that this is not my program that Jeremy is following — no more so than he’s following my program for opposable thumb function or bipedalism.  No, Jeremy is simply eating (and moving?) in the way that the evolution of his ancestors dictated.  The success of this program was written in his genes long before I ever came on the scene.

You can follow Jeremy on Twitter, here.  Give him a follow, and some encouragement every now and again.  And if you haven’t yet caught the Twitter fever, sign up and check it out.  The benefits of Twitter can’t be explained, really — they just have to be experienced.  Believe me, you’ll enjoy it.  And this endorsement comes from someone who was adamently against the whole “micro-blog” phenomena until I was mercilessly shamed into jumping in.  In short, I’m sure glad I did.

And hey, keep up the good work, Jeremy!

In health,



  1. Well let me first say Kudos to Jeremy! 50lb is amazing and I’m sure he feels 10 years younger. Eating paleo is so simple. No counting points or calories. No weighing foods. I have really come to appreciate it since I know what we are eating. It has also helped improved my limited cooking skills. We have not eaten anything from a box, or premade in almost a year. Actually coming up on our 1 year paleo anniversary and couldn’t feel better.

    Anyway, what makes this so admirable and credible is that it (like other cases I’ve seen) was done by a real person eating real food.

    I have not jumped into the twitter world yet, otherwise I’d post my encouragement there.

  2. Wow, Keith!
    I am awestruck that you wrote a post about this!
    I will let you know as I continue on this healthy path. I have no goals other than feeling well, and everyday brings me just a little more wellness with it.
    I “cheated” once in February, having eaten some pizza, and the next morning I felt awful! Remembering that feeling has helped me to not cheat again. Some days are harder than others, as you well know, but these feeling pass and I am usually rewarded in the next few days with yet another pound gone.
    Keep up the excellent writing and feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.
    Thank you again,

    • Interesting that you brought-up “the cheat”, Jeremy. I’ve found that it usually takes folks a few relapses — along with the subsequent “carb hangover” — to really get the association between bad food, bad feelings and bad health set in stone.

  3. 50lbs is amazing. I have to jump in and say thanks to Keith, Richard of Free the Animal, Mark at MDA, and all the other bloggers and commentors in this community. I’ve come down 30 lbs in about 14 months, and 20# of that have gone in the past 6 months, due to the advice, guidance, research, and support I can always find on all these great blogs.

    The free flow of information, friendly and helpful responses to questions, and the genuine interest in seeing people be well are amazing qualities this and the other sites in this community share. I hope other people can benefit as much from them as I have!

    Thanks Keith,


  4. Jeremy – wonderful news – 50lbs is very impressive and as Keith says, it won’t come back as you’re working with your biology, not against it.

    I still have weakness around carb-rich desserts occasionally (though this temptation continues to lessen more and more) – I tell myself my genes are programmed to want them and that I am not failing in so much as working thru challenges of the modern world. And as you mention, after giving into them on occasion, I quickly look forward to getting back on tracking eating REAL food that we were meant to eat.

    Great post keith, as usual. Loved the “opposable thumb” bit 🙂

  5. Keith,

    You aren’t kidding. Everything from muscle ups, to hand stands, to sprints/verts has improved. It is amazing. Even a set of pushups or a 4 story ascent on stairs is noticeably easier, I rarely ever do pushups in high reps (PRT’s coming though, so I should start, bleh).

    As for cheats, my wife has been very supportive of this lifestyle change, often cooking delicious primal meals for us. However, as a naturally thin person, the benefits are less tangible to her, especially since she doesn’t notice quite the shift in how she feels when eating clean that I do. As such, we usually have a few cheats each week localized around the weekend. One or two desert/pizza/pasta dishes usually appear, but come Monday it’s back to primal.

    Less than ideal I know, but I’ll take the compromise in exchange for her great, clean cooking, and it also gives me focus during the week. Eventually I’ll wean her off the carbs a little more, but I’ll take what I can get for now, heh (hope she doesn’t read this!).


  6. Wonderful post and I’ll be following Jeremy on Twitter!

    Not having to count anything and getting to eat the food I love is the reason I went Paleo. I’m down over 140lbs (from 322lbs) and feel incredible. Not only do I feel great and have so much energy, but my arthritis and my rosacea is MUCH imporved.

    And on that note, time for hog jowls and egg yolks for breakfast!

    • Wow, right on, Blue! I would say “amazing” results, but — well, you know what I mean — they’re actually “expected” results, huh? Give the body what it requires and it will respond appropriately. The true hurdle is a psychological one, and this is what you should be actually commended for having cleared. Great work!

      Meesus TTP was naturally thin as well, and so in “evangelizing to, and converting” her, I concentrated on laying out the evidence for the evolutionary/health-related aspects of the lifestyle. Body re-composition was relegated to a nice, oh yeah, and… side-benefit.

  7. Keith,

    So my wife has decided to appease me and take the plunge. I tried your approach of focusing on the health benefits, and it worked. We are going to go for two full weeks of absolutely clean eating, with no cheats over the weekend, save maybe an extra glass of red wine and some 85% dark chocolate (green and blacks).

    I’ll be photodocumenting it, and here’s chapter 1:

    I’ll also be keeping track of how we’re both feeling, i.e. upon waking, after eating, any bloated feelings, headaches, etc.

    Wish us luck!


    • Good deal, Bryce. Good luck to you and the Mrs. Just remember not to let perfectionism be the enemy of the good.

  8. Keith,
    Just a quick update; I am now down to 285 pounds, which is 71 pounds lost, and I am fitting into my old size 38 jeans.
    Thank you still for your words, and more importantly, your courage to move ahead through the toughest of times. You have moved from trusted source to role model.
    My prayers are still with you and yours.

    • Thanks, Jeremy. And kudos on your continued weight loss, and ever-improving health. 71 lbs is a good bit of weight, and I bet you can really feel the difference. Remember, the destination is no doubt important; the trip, though, ought to be savored. A cliche, I know — but being a cliche renders it no less true.


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