“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.”

Mark Twain

The raw ingredients of something special
The fresh, raw ingredients for a soon-to-be dish of gustatory delight

Medium-rare ribeyes, hot off the grill and topped with fresh herb gremolata, eggplant Neopolitans, and a dessert of grilled nectarines; what could be more Paleo — and so damn good to boot?  Meesus TTP has the recipe write-ups covered here, along with a little story of her brush with Grill It fame and fortune.  For my part, I can report that the meal was absolutely fabulous, and in full-on keeping with my Paleo sensibilities.

Yeah, let me just rush right on back to the normal, healthy, western diet.  Off the top of my little, pointed Paleo head, I can think of just a few places to shove that worthless USDA food pyramid.

And I’d like to close this quickie-post with a public service announcement.  This meal in large part was the end result of the efforts of local, organic farmers.  Please do your part to lobby against pending legislative bills HR 875 and HR 759, the passing of either of which would place undue and prohibitive burdens on these farmers.   See this prior post for more information on this proposed legislation.

In health,



  1. Keith,

    I’ve noticed from your posts that you consume quite a lot of red meat and also cook in cast-iron (adding iron to your meals). As males, should we be concerned about iron accumulation and it’s potential health risks? Do you do anything to monitor/prevent this build-up?

    • Justin,
      I give blood every 56 days (which is the maximum frequency in which one can give), and I have done so over the course of my “Paleo” life. This just happens to be a coincidence, nothing that I conscientiously began when I shifted my way of eating. For what it’s worth, my iron levels usually run about 16 g/dL, which is within the normal range of (I believe) 13 to 18 g/dL. You bring up a good point, though — an interesting evolutionary prospective. Paleo man (some, at least) obviously ate plenty of red meat and, I can only assume, suffered no ill effects for having done so. I wonder if it’s not the high blood iron concentration that’s necessarily the problem, but a high iron in the presence of other factors such a a high insulin and or blood glucose level? It’s an interesting question.

  2. Thanks for the reply Keith,

    Let me know if you get any more insight into this. I tried to donate blood today but found myself becoming extremely lightheaded within the first minutes to the point where it seemed necessary to stop, so I suppose that’s not an option for me. Shame though, I would love to donate some of this paleo/primal blood to the masses.


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