“We are not satisfied to be right, unless we can prove others to be quite wrong.”

William Hazlitt

Sunday, April 19th…the Playground

I started the week off right with some serious fun and games at the playground. I began with a quantifiable superset of power cleans and (pull-up bar) muscle-ups that looked something like this:

  1. Power Cleans x 5, 3, 2, then 5 sets of heavy singles
  2. Muscle-ups x 3 sets of 3’s, 3 sets of 2’s and 2 sets of singles

I followed that up with a few sets of ring flyes and ring reverse flyes, then I finished up with some overhead caber tosses with a 21-pound stone, and some hurdle hops; more in a play fashion than anything quantifiable. There’s just something about lifting outside in the warm sunshine. My own little Gold’s at Venice Beach, perhaps?

Arnold, Venice Beach, circa 1975
Arnold, Venice Beach, circa 1975

Well, not quite.  But this little set-up does provide the opportunity to toss some iron around (among other cool exercise options) out in the sunshine.

The "Not Quite Venice Beach" Playground
The "Not Quite Venice Beach" Playground

By the way, I hope to have some exercise demo clips up sometime this week of a few of the hybrids that I like to do from time to time, that Meesus TTP taped for me (and of me) out at the playground.  We’ll see how they edit-out, and if they’re worth posting.

Tuesday morning, YMCA

An exercise pairing like Clean Grip Low Pulls with Weighted Dips leaves “no muscle left behind” or under worked; everything gets hit, and hit hard – and in a very primal, functional way to boot. Nothing fancy here; just strapping up, strapping in, and gettin’ ‘er done.

1. Clean Grip Low Pull x 3’s

2. Weighted Dips x 3’s

4 rounds of moving weight in this manner never seemed so difficult; nor as satisfying.  Here, I attempted to move the weight, on every rep of each exercise, as fast and explosively as possible.  The load was chosen such that a 4th rep would have degenerated into a slow, “grind it out” rep.  This is where a good workout log comes in handy, as it minimizes wasted time and wasted sets spent trying to zero-in on the appropriate weight.  Misjudging the working weight by a few percentages either way isn’t that big of a deal, though, as rep speed can make up for the stimulus slack.

Thursday morning, YMCA

Still emphasizing the strength portion of the strength-speed modality here. My short-term plans are to hit speed-strength and sprints over the weekends (weather permitting). No superset here due to available equipment setup and time constraints. Just straight-up, straight sets.

  1. Box Squats, 4 sets of 3, followed by
  2. Behind the Neck Push-Presses, 4 sets of 2

On the concentric portion of the lift, the attempt was made to move the weight as fast as possible, though, in actuality, the movement was constant and consistent, but not all that fast. The attempt was there, though, and that’s what matters for this modality. Same idea here as on Tuesday. The eccentric portion of the lift was resisted and controlled, resulting in an approximate 3-count tempo.

Saturday, at the Playground

Wow, we jumped right from a chilly spring, and into full-blown summer today in eastern NC.  I had to wear gloves (which I hate to do) on some exercises because the bars were just too hot to handle.  Nothing today was quantifiable, as I pulled out just about every imaginable odd hybrid in my little bag of tricks for the purposes of capturing some demo clips and some still shots.  This “a little bit of everything” format though was actually quite taxing.  We filmed for quite a long time, and hit all sorts of variations, though I’m sure when I go back to edit the clips that I’ll remember a bunch of exercises that I should have captured.  I’ve got plans as well, to capture a stadium sprint session on tape.

Ok, so bring on summer, bring on the heat!  I’m more than ready to make the shift towards much more outdoor activity.  Have a wonderful, healthy and Paleo week.

In health,



  1. Good stuff as always Keith. I know I’d benefit from seeing some of the stuff you do demonstrated. One thing that I’d like to see is the way you work your Russian Lunge Scissor Jumps under load. I’ve been hesitant to try them with weight because I’m not quite sure what to emphasize …

    Looking forward to the clips!

  2. It looks like Arnold is leaving his partner SOL under that weight while posing for a picture with a big goofy grin. Let’s just say that guy benching didn’t make it to 1976…

  3. I don’t know what do your readers think, but I think this snap preview stuff is a bit annoying. Anytime I move the pointer above a link or picture the previews are come up and I don’t find it useful.
    Anyway, I love your blog, it’s really informative and it’s good to read it after those other standard, uniform paleo/primal blogs or whatever they call it.

    • Hmm. Hadn’t realized the previews were a drag. Is this the general consensus? I really don’t remember enabling them to begin with. Anyhow, thanks for the good words, Les. Don’t let those damn previews keep you from coming back! 🙂

  4. Yeah, they were annoying. I just ignored them. Though I just figured out that I can turn them off. When you hover over one, on the top right there is a gear (configure), click on it and there is a disable option for this site or all sites. Maybe its a Mozilla feature? Maybe its WordPress? Seems to work though. It told me to reload the site and sure enough they no longer appear.

    Hope that helps,

  5. The snap previews are terrible. They’re distracting and worse, if I click on them, some take me away from your site. A certain % of users will click on whatever shows up on the snap preview and be taken elsewhere. The result, you’re losing some of your hard-earned traffic.

    • Snap previews doesn’t seem to be an option that I can disable via my WordPress account. Anyone have any insight into/experience with this?

      Kind of an odd twist for a workout post to take, eh? 🙂

  6. The snap previews don’t bother me if I’ve got a good connection, but when I’m underway and bandwidth is precious, they do slow things down and become burdensome.

    Otherwise I think it’s an ok feature.


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