“Nothing is more unjust or capricious than public opinion.”

William Hazlitt

"Plus" Sized?
"Plus" Sized?

I’m not in the habit of keeping up with the latest in the world of fashion; anyone who has seen how I dress can attest to that.  However, I was made aware of — and was immediately perplexed by the ensuing firestorm over — this photo of  model Lizzie Miller which appeared recently in Glamour magazine.

I’m struck by a couple of things; first off, I’m guessing that the “movers and shakers” of the fashion world haven’t ventured out to a Wal-mart or state fair in the last quarter century?  Hell, young Lizzie here is damn near svelte compared to what I’d call “average”, these days.

And this notion of “average” leads me to my second thought: what would the average female body type level out at if a Paleo lifestyle were the norm?

Just consider for a moment the obscene amount of money spent in this viscous cycle: consumption of processed foods, diet (in all of it’s manifestations), the fashion world’s promotion of (and celebrity endorsement of) “thin” and “fit”, and the health care ramifications of metabolic syndrome.  Oh, and throw into this mix the latest exercise craze or toning implement (ThighMaster anyone?).

And that’s only the financial side of things; what of all the unhappiness this self-perpetuating cycle generates?  What of all the good that could be done to advance humanity if all of this lost potential were salvaged and pointed in the right direction?

It’s enough to make your head spin.

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    • Let’s assume for a moment that she’s one of those who absolutely detests exercise. Pure conjecture, here, as I have no way of knowing this one way or the other; just a “for the sake of argument” thing. I think we’d have a prime candidate for a McGuff/BBS style high-intensity program. The added muscle from a mere 15 or so minutes a week of ass-busting would do her body wonders.

  1. As someone who is superplus-size, it really pisses me off when people like her get labeled as “plus.” It’s been the trend lately for stores who normally cater to the 8 and below sizes to offer “plus size” clothing that would probably barely even fit her. It’s frustrating.

    • You’d think the manufacturers would do a little research and market accordingly. It’s almost as if they’re devoid of all capitalist impulse; odd, to say the least.

  2. Let me do a little explanation of what the industry usually considers a “plus-size model.” Generally, Lizzie would normally not fit in the mold because she is not “fit” & “tone” even for a “plus size” girl which is generally a requirement. Plus size usually refers to girls in the size 12 – 16 (tone & fit) and even sometimes they dip down to a 10 which is ludicrous and occasionally hit an 18 which is really where IMHO the plus-size really begins to come into play. The average woman is a size 12-14, she is not plus-size at 12-14, she is average but the industry considers these women to be plus-sizes. Just a little industry FYI. It’s ridiculous, is it any wonder that we have bulimia & anorexia running rampant through our middle & high schools & self esteem issues with girls beginning in middle school? Craziness!

    • The average woman, who eats a standard american diet, is a 12-14. I think 12-14 is definitely plus sized when looked at from an early 20th century perspective, No? It seems like the standards have remained the same while the national averages have changed.

      I’m certainly not saying it’s right, but I think if wheat and sugar were completely eliminated from our diets, it wouldn’t be long before 12-14 was a bit less typical.

  3. Just consider for a moment the obscene amount of money spent in this viscous cycle:

    1. Having relatively high resistance to flow.
    2. Viscid; sticky.

    did you mean vicious?

    reduce carbs > reduce insulin > reduce fat storage.
    the increased energy will create an impulse to be more active, thus more fit. horse, then cart


    jim noel

  4. Sorry, I just saw this again in my archived emails & I felt the need to re-visit & respond…Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, she was tone & fit (Not necessarily healthy) and she is considered an “average” sized woman. 12-14 toned & on a healthy paleo diet would still NOT be a plus size…to say it is, is absolute craziness! There are many women 12-14 that are toned, fit & are that size because of bone structure…plays to our evolutionary hand-me-downs…that is average, because that is the majority, that should be the “ideal” if a healthy Paleo diet were in play. Size 6s & 8s which I am a 6, are on the bodies of women, with smaller bone structures, we are not the norm & certainly not the average in bone structure so it is imperative that we get control of this notion that 4, 6 & 8 are the ideal, they shouldn’t be, because it is physically impossible for some women & it would be deathly stupid for those with large bone structures to get to that size. Meaning completely unhealthy, with all manner of eating disorder. 12 – 14 is a size that average size women should strive for in health. It is what is beautiful (as seen on Marilyn Monroe.)


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