20+ hours fasted –

Fixie intervals to the ECU football practice field/throwers’ area, then:

  • barefooted sprints (art. turf) x 100 yds, 100 yds, 60 yds
  • straight bar muscle-ups x 3
  • caber toss, 16 lb shot (heels at concrete/turf edge) x 3
  • vertical put for height @16 lb shot, catch w/opposite arm x 3 each arm, alternating
  • straight bar muscle-ups x 3

5 rounds.   37 “heel-to-toes” as drop-off mark for caber toss.  Fixie intervals to downtown, then coffee at the Tipsy Teapot.  45 minutes downtime, then fixie intervals to home (1/2 hour’s worth).  Diner planned for T+ 3-hours post workout.


  1. Hour 20… the “Power Hour” I call it. I have so much energy about that time. I’m almost there right now myself.

    Those are some long sprints. I should stretch mine a bit, but with the bad weather it’s not so exciting to be outside right now.

    • That does seem to correlate to the bewitching hour; somebody should fund a study (call to all grant writers!). A Paleo football team timing their high fat pre-game meal for T-20 hours to kick-off. I love it!

      The cooler the weather, the longer the sprint. I’ll work-up to 400 meters by the dead of winter.

  2. Ahh yes muscle-ups on a straight bar…one of my weakest moves- couldn’t do 1 pull-up in high school, but now up to dozen+ with good form. Working on kiplings now…any tips on progression?
    Btw thanks for the Vibrams advice guys (Keith and Grok)…ordering em this week!

    • One thing I would suggest re: Vibrams – I’d get my first pair via brick & mortar store; sizing can be a little funky. Maybe if your on-line source offer free sizing returns, then that would be ok – of course, then you have to deal w/turn-around time. Just a Thought.

      I think the Crossfit site offers some good Kipping progression tips (look in the exercise demos section). I don’t use the kip much in my workouts – not that it’s a “bad” exercise per se, just that it doesn’t fit in with my overall goal orientation.

    • Good advice about fitting from Keith. I used the fitting guide at KayakShed for my first pair and they fit well though.

      I’d get the new trek for your first pair. You’ll do less pealing-out on the wet grass during the winter 😉


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