Front loading the beginning of the week in anticipation of a long off period over the holiday weekend.  6+ hours of deep, deep sleep.  Is it “normal” not to ever remember dreams?

30 minutes to complete the following.  Again, the emphasis is on the quality of each rep vs. the overall time of completion.  Secondary concern is to pack as much movement as possible into the allotted 30-minute time frame.

  • sprint starts (20 meter/40meter/20 meter)
  • straight bar muscle-ups x 3
  • Deadlifts (over/under grip): 135 x 5; 225 x 5; 315 x 3; 335 x (2, 2, 3, 1) rest-pause
  • elevated feet ballistic push-ups x 4
  • single-arm DB floor press: 70 x 5; 80 x 5; 90 x 4; 100 x (3, 2, 1 – alternating arms, i.e., 3 left, 3 right…) rest pause

Notice the difference between a deadlift “strength-speed” emphasis and a low-pull “speed-strength” emphasis.  Both movements are attempted as fast as possible, but the nature of the overall body position (and grip) of the deadlift allows for only so fast an actual concentric movement.  Same with the single-arm DB press.


  1. Dream recall is largely trained. Some folks will remember some clearly, forget most. I tend to think it’s almost a pathology to not have any recall- your brain is doing quite a lot, and it’s pretty strange to think you don’t know what it is at all. Basic journalling brings most people up to fairly consistant recall in a pretty short amount of time (two to six months in my experience). Praxis is.

    • Does not remembering them mean you aren’t having them? I know I heard somewhere that if you don’t dream at all you would go insane. Is that from a movie?? 🙂

      It may not be that you are not remembering them. You may be, but then just forgetting them or putting them out of your mind really quickly. I’m not even sure how you would test that. I would say it’s a little weird to NEVER remember them. Plust it’s fun sometimes. They are trippy! Have you ever remembered one?

      • My sleep is almost anesthesia-like deep. I do wake up super-refreshed, though, even though I only get about 6-hours (on average) per night. When I get a full 8 or so (all too rare), I feel super-charged.

    • Funny, too – of the few dreams that I am able to recall (usually occurring right as the morning alarm is ringing), I am most always a passive character in the overall events. That is to say, I’m more a “leaf in the stream” as opposed to an implement of change. Telling? Maybe so. I’m looking forward to the upcoming NOVA special related to this issue of dreaming/dream recall.


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