Emphasis on continual movement here (blast, back-off, blast, back-off…) vs. rep quality; that is to say, energy system work focus primarily, with the actual exercise as a means to that end ==> allowed for technique flaws with increasing fatigue.  Note the lack of technique-heavy exercises.

  • sprint starts (20 meter, 20 meter, 40 meter, 20 meter)
  • Bulgarian split squats (with DBs): 50’s x 5; 70’s x 4, 4, 4 (each leg)
  • snatch-grip high pull from high hang: 135 x 5; 155 x 5; 175 x 5, 5
  • BTN push-press: 135 x 5; 155 x 5; 175 x 5, 5
  • reverse-grip straight bar muscle ups x 3
  • weighted reverse-grip pull ups: 45 x 5; 70 x 5, 5, 5

4 total rounds, in Vibrams.  Only rest was to move from exercise to exercise.  Tried to target each set duration for 9 to 20 seconds (think Tabata-like in nature).  Sprint starts and muscle ups were more for cns stimulation than metcon work.  Attempted to move each concentric as fast as possible, eccentrics (except for high pulls) of each rep to balance load against the 9 – 20 sec duration goal.


  1. Hey Keith, nice routine…tabata-like for sure!
    After routines like this, what kind of stretches/cool-down technique do you prefer?
    Lately, I have been playing around with active stretching- including:light footwork drills(karaoke/side-shuffle), jump-rope, and jogging. It’s interesting to note that this had allowed for less tightness on the following day(s).
    -Max Barry
    Certified PT & Nutritional Consultant

      • “I’m still carrying the post-workout buzz into today.”

        Such a powerful statement. Looks like you have got your ‘training mojo’ on!

        If you go through life injury free and ‘hungry/driven’ to move/lift/jump/throw/sprint/play on a daily basis….well that says to me that your training and general health is spot on.


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