photo cred: NPR (by way of JAMA) - Big arrow points to calcification in a leg artery of a mummified Egyptian woman who lived in the 18th dynasty. ( (c) 2009 JAMA)

Just I’d throw out this quickie – a little more than would fit in a tweet.  Check out the photo to the left – make sure to read the caption.

Big friggin’ surprise, huh?  Gotta wonder how the vegetarian/Ornish crowd is going to go about reverse spinning this one.  Of course, those of us in the Paleo camp will just shrug knowingly, and go back to our wanton carnivory and unchecked lipid debauchery.

To be sure, though, the blame here will be placed squarely upon the animal products consumed by the Egyptians, with a free pass given to the culture’s heavy reliance upon grains and fruits.

The Egyptians were consummate agriculturalists – the striking evidence of that fact is depicted in the photo to the left.


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  1. A friend of mine uses this in his argument every time we’ve chatted about it. He’s also on statins and tells me how I’m going to die and should be worried about my cholesterol.

    Meanwhile my brother is going paleo and his labs are getting better. HDL up, triglycerides down. He’s still on statins, but may be going off?


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