Note: This will more than likely morph into a bit of a self-serving component of the TTP blog; be that as it may, though, I’d like to begin cataloging my workout journal in a convenient, electronic format.  I can’t begin to tell you how many paper journals I’ve lost over the years (decades, now) — too, too many, let’s just say.  Blood, sweat, snot, elements;  I once thought that keeping my journal in a Moleskin would help prod me to keep a better handle on the thing, but alas, that wasn’t the answer either.  Since I gravitate to this page quite often throughout the day, it only makes sense to keep up with my workout journaling here.  I can only hope that this little self-serving indulgence won’t put a collective bad taste in the mouths of my readers.  I’ll be given to abbreviations and jargon for the most part, here, as I’m writing this as a journal for myself.  Feel free, though to ask any questions you have, as I’m an open book — quite literally, now.  Oh yeah, and the titles will be constructed not to grab attention, but for ease in cataloging and recovery.  And away we go:

11/02/09 (Monday), MetCon, speed-strength emphasis. 6:15 AM w/o, awake at 4:30, 6 hours sleep (good quality)

Last meal approx 8pm, gf pot roast (high fat content), sweet pot, raw butter, green beans, fish oil (1 tbs.).  CNS primed; jazzed, coffeed and ready to bust it.

  • 40 yd sprint (Vibrams, indoor track)
  • db snatch (the cred) x 3 each arm @ 90lbs
  • 40 yd sprint
  • single-leg deadlift w/db’s (180lbs total, 2 90’s, w/straps) x 3 each leg
  • 40 yd sprint
  • farmers walk, 2 90lb dbs x 20 yds
  • Dips x 3, 3, 3, 3 (7 sec rest between “sets”).  Ballistic, got “air” on each rep.  BW+45lbs
  • farmers walk w/ 2 90lb dbs x 20 yds

5 rounds.  Overall time as a secondary concern, emphasis on each individual explosive rep.

Post w/o meal (1 hour post w/o): 2 egg omelet with raw goat cheese, 2 slices of pear.


  1. Keith, two questions.

    – Why the straps?

    – Not to get all T-Nation on you, but how much emphasis do you put on the time to complete a set(rep speed+rest between reps)versus simply focusing on speed of the concentric phase(and taking more time between reps in order to be “fresh”). Hope I’m making sense.
    I’ve trained with the Westside Barbell System(with which I assume you are familiar) for years and several lifters made a distinction between the two on the speed effort days… some did their sets as fast as possible, others merely focused on concentric rep speed.
    As a side note, during dynamic days for the squat and deadlift, ALL of the lifters I trained with focused on the latter.

  2. Sorry, off topic, but I found this ancient training routine that I could not keep for myself. Talk about a primal workout!! 😉

    “Legend was that this ancient strong-man [Milo of Croton the ancient Greek wrestler] had won at least six Olympic championships and that he trained over the four years leading up to the games by picking up and carrying a calf. As the animal matured, Milo was tasked with carrying a heavier and heavier load. Milo’s progressive weight-training program would culminate with him carrying the full grown bull into the Olympic stadium, carrying it the full length of the field where he would then kill, butcher, roast and eat his training medium.”

  3. Hi Keith,

    Great blog – I haven’t long come across it so you may have already covered my questions. You’ve got a lot of great info on here to get through! I’ve been mixing paleo/primal along with random strength workouts for a little while now and I think I might have a go at this style of training.

    For starters how often are you doing this? Do you feel fresh doing this that early in the morning? I’d like to get into training more first thing to give me more time for life commitments, but I never feel ‘fresh’ enough in the morning and that kinda affects my motivation/intensity/strength. Is it just a case of doing it and it’ll get easier with time?


    • I think that working out as early in the AM as I do is just something that I’ve had to force myself to adjust to — I just don’t have any other viable option at my disposal. And it is something that takes a while to get used to.

      On average, I workout 4 times per week.

  4. I hope you keep posting these workouts here as a journal. I think that’s great! You’ve always given me new and refreshing ideas to keep the workout interesting, varied, and effective. Hell, I never would have know about “the cred” had you not posted about it a while back. I tend to fall into workout creativity funks, so this definitely works for me. The diet aspect & lifestyle have been pretty well nailed for years, but post like this really help the keeping the workout from being “work”. Cheers!

    BTW. I’m just up “yonder” from you in Chapel Hill.

  5. Hey Keith,
    I have a few questions I’ve been bottling up for a while and hoping you can shed some light on. (Sorry if you already addressed this before.)

    Having learned from my football coach in High School that you have to have 20 grams of protein withing 20-30 minutes of a workout, I see that you waited an hour before eating anything. Does the whole 20-30 minute window hold any truth, or is the whole notion extremely exaggerated?

    Secondly, I’ve read a lot of you posts on CNS priming and was wondering how often does the Central Nervous System need to be primed during a workout? Before every set of every round? Or is it before every set just in the beginning?

    I’ll save further questioning for the future unless they get answered through other means.

    Take care,

    • I think the “refeeding window” is much more hype than science (when viewed in a 24-hour context), and eating too soon after a workout will blunt your post workout growth hormone release.

      I “prime” the cns in my opening, overall warm-up, and with ballistics/plyometrics in between sets.

      • Yeah, I sort of started to get the idea that the protein-within-20-minutes thing was a small slice of bologna. I remember, though, watching all the muscle heads drink one or two protein shakes, or I figured it was protein, during their workouts in between sets.

        And thanks for clearing up the CNS stuff.


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