Bungled around the house this morning and wound up getting to the gym later than I wanted.  This workout took about 20 minutes to complete (after a 15 minute or so warm-up).  Actually, my warm-ups morph into the meat of my workout, so it’s rather hard to draw a distinct line between the two.  Only broke long enough between sets to move from station to station.

  • Jump squats from the heels x 3 (initiate from deep in the hole, and jump back i.e., in an exaggerated “clean” motion.  No toe-off, drive up and explode off of the heels).  CNS prime for the high pulls.
  • snatch grip high pulls (bar to chin each rep): 135 x 5, 5; 165 x 5; 175 x 4, 4, 4
  • straight bar muscle-ups x 3
  • ballistic bodyweight dips x 3 (hands clear of bar, low catch, immediate transition to next rep)
  • weighted dips: 45 x 6, 6; 70 x 5; 80 x 5, 5, 5

I’d call the first 2 rounds warm-ups, the 3rd round “transition” and the last 3 rounds true “at weight” rounds.  My body doesn’t seem to give a damn, though, what I call them, it just knows it better respond and rebuild before the next “hit” 🙂

Notice that I bumped the reps a tad into the 5 – 6 range, and reduced the between set rest to nil ===> a little on the endurance side.
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Keith Norris is a former standout athlete, a military vet, and an elite strength and conditioning expert with over 35 years of in-the-trenches experience. As a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, he is an owner, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of the largest Paleo conference in the world, Paleo f(x) . As well, Keith is a partner in one of the most innovative lines of boutique training studios in the nation, Efficient Exercise. He’s also a partner in ARXFit training equipment, and a founding member of ID Life. In his spare time, he authors one of the top fitness blogs in the health and wellness sphere, Theory To Practice.


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