Shifting focus a bit for the next few weeks to the strength-endurance end of the modality continuum.  The loading in each movement will be heavier, and the rep speed a bit slower (relatively speaking), though I’m still striving for as fast & as crisp a rep as possible.  As I progress over the next few weeks, I’ll increase the loading while at the same time attempting to decrease the total amount of time-to-completion for each movement.  This workout was dead-simple, yet totally effective.  Lift heavy, lift fast, and cut recovery to a minimum.  Make every rep count.  Simple in design – a killer in execution, though.  Began the session with sprint starts, jumps and ballistic stretching, then:

  1. Deadlift/shrug/toe-raise combo*: 135 x 5; 225 x 5; 315 x 21 (rest-pause, all singles.  16:20 total time).  Reps 1- 13 no straps, 13 – 21 with straps
  2. Bradford press: 95 x 5, 5; 135 x 21 (rest-pause, 2s and 3s.  5:35 total time).  I begin the movement behind the neck (with just the slightest of initiation from the hips, and stretch-reflex in the front) – so btn to front, then back to behind the neck = 1 rep. 

*Think of this as a low pull broken down into 3 distinct segments: the deadlift portion, the toe-off (or toe-raise, in this case), and the shrug.  Hold the toe-up and shrug for a full count at the apex of the lift.  Deadlift from floor to hips as fast as possible, micro pause, toe-up & shrug.  Toe-up and shrug are more fluid, but yet still distinct movements.  I did use an over/under grip in lieu of an over/over (normal clean grip) in deference to the heavier deadlift portion of the movement.  Would like to see the 16:20 time come down significantly – approximately 46 secs/rep affords a little too much recovery for my liking.  Each rep was crisp here, though, with no grinds.  Next time out I’ll probably increase the weight 10 lbs and strive to bring the total time down.

Note: post workout (1-hour) nutrition consisted of a Fage (total) yogurt and a handful of shelled pecans.

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    • Note that it took me 5 + minutes and a rest-pause methodology to get ’em done. I’m just happy to be able to do Bradfords at all, after so many years of football-induced shoulder trauma. In that respect I truly am a “graveyard survivor”.

    • We both know the big money is in diabetes and cholesterol control. Of course sexual dysfunction, acid reflux and early-onset osteoporosis are doing pretty well, too 😉


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