No sympathy, I know, from my friends stuck in more northern latitudes, but this “southern latitude” boy had a rough go of it today – 32 mph wind gusts and 20-ish °F wind chill made for a rather cold bout of MetCon work and an even colder spin on the fixie.  Compare my workout today to this workout (the 15 hundreds in 15 minutes sprint session).  I took just a slightly different angle with today’s work, though, performing the same 15, 100 yard sprints within an overall 15 minute timeframe, however, this time I did 15 push-ups immediately following each sprint.  And in lieu of attempting to clock each sprint in under 15 secs, I paced the sprints so as to hit each one between 15 and 18 seconds.  In effect, each “rep” looked like this:

  • Start clock
  • 100 yard sprint (paced to 15 – 18 secs)
  • 15 push-ups
  • at the top of the minute, hit the next sprint
  • repeat x 15

A good little bit of sprinter-biased MetCon work.  Simple in design, a little tougher, though, in execution 🙂


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