No better way to kick-off a Friday, and what looks to be (fingers crossed!) a work-free weekend, than with some high-voltage, explosive movements, first thing in the morning.

As a bridge between my dynamic stretching/Oly-like warm-up and the meat of the workout, I did a 200 yard farmer’s “sprint” (ok, it was a fast-as-possible walk) with a pair of 120 lb DBs.  Try these as warm-up finisher sometime, and see if you’re not better primed for the main-attraction portion of your workout.

A quick aside: I stumbled upon what has now become my favorite, at-home coffee — Trader Joe’s Bay Blend. It’s absolutely fabulous.  Now I haven’t yet had a bad (or even lackluster) variety of Trader Joe’s coffee, but this is, in my opinion – and I do consider myself somewhat of a coffee snob/connoisseur – the best “affordable” coffee beans that I’ve come across.  Sure Jamaiccan Blue Mountain is to die for, but who can afford to drink that on a daily basis?  And if you can afford a Blue Mountain habit, hey call me up! – let’s work out a training deal!

Back to the workout: so after the 200 yard farmer’s walk, it was on to the Cred + single-arm jerk/straight bar muscle-up superset.  Just lettin’ ‘er rip this morning, in a semi-unilateral way.

The Cred + Jerk (each arm): 70 x 3; 80 x 3; 90 x 2; 100 x 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Straight bar Muscle-Up: 2s across the board

I started and finished the 9 rounds with muscle-ups, so actually that worked-out to 10 rounds of M/Us and 9 rounds of Creds/jerks.  Felt jacked and kept the wonderful CNS “buzz” for many hours following.  What more can you ask for from a simple-in-design, early morning workout?


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