Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

I guess I’ll probably alienate a sizable portion of my readership by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s game.  It’s not so much that I’m a Saints fan per se (Actually, I’m a Cowboys fan – so there goes the rest of my readership 🙂  ), but that I am a huge underdog fan.  Anyway, aside from the game itself, I usually pay very little attention to the commercial hoopla and halftime show – and so it was last night – until I heard The Whos’ mid-montage version of Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland).  My ears perked, as every time I hear this tune I can’t help but to think of Cory Everson’s 1988 Ms. Olympia posing routine.  This was in the day prior to women’s bodybuiling (on the professional level, at least) having become the freak show that it is currently.  Cory displayed a physique on that evening that was (and still is, in my opinion) the epitome of feminine beauty.  Athletically muscular, lean and graceful at 5′-9″ and 150-ish lbs (a weight most women of that height would totally freak-out about today), she brought down the house that evening with a posing routine set to The Whos’ now classic tune.  If you ever get a chance to see this routine (and/or the pre judging), by all means, do so.  I googled around a bit, but couldn’t run anything down (maybe it’s never been digitized?) – and that’s too bad.  What a role model she was (and still is) for young, athletic women.  And as always, I wonder: how would her physique have been affected for the better, had she been a full-on Paleo practitioner?  I guess it’s up to someone of Corey’s genetic mold to pick up the torch and find out.  Any female heptathaletes out there ready to give it a whirl and go full-on Paleo?

Today’s workout, done in a combo, “MetCon for Sprinters” fashion:

Barbell Muscle -ups –
95 x 5, 135 x 4, 145 x 3, 155 x 2, 2, 2

Straight-Bar (Pull-up bar) Muscle-Ups –
All sets of 3s

Ab wheel Roll-outs –
All sets of 6

So six total rounds here this morning – again done more so as a transition back into the gym.  Each rep of each exercise was done in an explosive manner, with no grind reps.  An ab wheel?  You gotta be kidding me, right?  Actually an ab wheel, used correctly, is a fantastic piece of equipment.  You say you want to strengthen your “core”?  A full ab wheel roll-out (allowing the knees to touch only as necessary to “self spot”) is a fabulous core stability exercise.  Think “praying man” plank to the nth power.  And make no mistake – strengthening the core is all about stability, not flexation (i.e., crunches, et al).

Still not sure yet where my emphasis will be over the next few weeks.  Still feeling things out, waiting for something to emerge.


    • Can’t find any decent clips of this. Think narrow snatch-grip high-pull, immediately transitioning into a front press – all in a single, coordinated and smooth movement.

        • Yes, and apparently this is the common name for the movement – though I’ve always called it a muscle-up, then modifying that to “barbell” muscle-up following Crossfit’s popularization of the gymnastic/rings movement of the same name.

          Here’s a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_NlwXBs37E

          I perform mine much more explosively, though. Think of the difference between a press and a jerk.

  1. I haven’t followed bodybuilding in years, never been good with remembering names… and had forgotten Cory Everson’s name, but as soon as I saw a few of her pics… man, I remember her. She was in all of the muscle mags I used to buy as a geeky teen when I first started lifting in the 80’s. That’s like forgetting who Arnie was/is. Found her routine from 1987, this was all I found for 1988, would have to lay out some cash I think.


    • Mid-eighties Cory was the pinnacle of female bodybuilding, IMHO. Since then I haven’t followed BB at all – male or female – I’m much more drawn now toward performance athletics. Natural contests do hold some promise though, I think – getting back to classic aesthetically-pleasing muscularity and lines. I find it hard to believe that Cory’s “Teenage Wasteland” routine hasn’t yet made the “internet fame” cut. It was spectacular. If you get a chance, post a link to her ’87 routine – would love to see it.


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