“The world of politics is always twenty years behind the world of thought.”

John Jay Chapman

So when it was finally over, there was a  28 x 9 x 8 ABF trailer (2016 cu.ft) crammed to the brim with an estimated 13,300 lbs worth of accumulated, “cog in the Capitalist Machine” consumer items harbored in my former driveway.  Filling the beast took the better part of 144 hours; when questioned by friends about the ordeal, I (only half jokingly) compared  it to the Bataan Death March – oh, and did I mention the snow and sleet storm that hit in the middle of it all?  The various “small” extraneous runs to Rocky Mount (to outfit the new apartment), Habitat for Humanity (to off-load sizable portions of the previously referred to, “capitalist-pig consumer items”)?  Okay, okay – so I’m exaggerating a tad; it was a Sisyphean task, though, this move, to say the very least.  Anyway, it’s all over now – thankfully.  And thank goodness, too, for PaleoKits, tinned sardines, eggs, bacon and scoops of raw butter, and the local mom & pop hibachi joint…Starbucks coffee, too! – and for the ability to effortlessly IF (even under prolonged, physically-intense periods) – for seeing me through.  No jittery highs, crashing lows, brain-fog, or running out of gas.  Just hour-upon-hour of steady-state energy on demand for repeated demonstrations of functional strength and strength endurance.

Anyway, I’m more than eager to get back in the workout “saddle” as soon as possible – a few days off though, in relative rest-and-relaxation, is called for.  The kitchen in our new digs is coming together slowly – box by emptying box.  I will be grill-less for the foreseeable future though, and so it’s cast-iron skilletting and broiling, crock-pot and pressure-cooking to take up that slack.  As always, I’m endeavoring to persevere, improvising, and striving to keep the Paleo aspect of physical culture alive and well.

Here’s to the next chapter of a continuing Paleo life…

In health,


    • I’m temporarily camped out in an apartment, and sadly had to leave my last grill behind as per the terms of my recent home sale. This is only a short-term situation, I assure you!

  1. Bonus cool points for using an obscure Greek reference. Let’s hope your victorious WOD from hell due to the move wasn’t of the pyrrhic nature. Wise to rest to ensure that it won’t be!


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