No rocket science here; simply the flip-side of what I did yesterday.  Today’s emphasis was on a lower-body “pull”, upper body “push” movement pattern, with the modality emphasis being on the strength-speed aspect of power production.  Simple workouts constructed of simple movements, done at an ultra-high intensity level.  Prop that work up with a healthy, Paleo lifestyle and you’ve essentially got the tiger by the tail, my friends.  It’s as easy as that.

To kick things off this morning: lots of hip mobility done as a warm-up, together with a couple rounds of the Bergener warm-up, along with a couple of rounds of bodyweight dips (in the 12 to 15 rep range).  Then, the following –

rebound jump: x 6, all rounds
PC grip low-pull from floor (with jump):135 x 6; 225 x 5, 5; 245 x 3, 3, 3
ballistic dips: x 3, all rounds
weighted dips:45 x 6; 70 x 5; 80 x 3; 90 x 3; 100 x 3, 3

6 total rounds here, with the first being a transition from the warm-up to the money rounds.  Rebound jumps and ballistic dips served here as cns primers for the pull-jumps and weighted dips.  No grind sets, everything was snappy.

Here’s a clip of one of Charles Poliquin’s disciples performing snatch jumps.  Same idea today, but with a clean grip.


Rebound jumps were performed from a knee-high box.  Begin balanced on the edge of the box, heels over-hanging the edge, as if you were a high-diver at the edge of the platform, back to the pool.  Then with a little toe-bounce, propel yourself back off of the box, then, as soon as ground contact is made, “rebound” up to the top edge of the box.  Concentrate on minimizing ground contact time.  Think “hot ground”, and think of the lower body as a pogo-stick — a very tight-wound spring.

Ballistic dips were done at bodyweight with the movement initiation beginning in the “down” position.  With an explosive concentric, then, propel the body with enough velocity so that the hands may come free of the bars/handles.  Catch in the “down” position, reset, and initiate the next rep.  Reps are rapid-fire as much as practicable while still ensuring quality form/movement pattern.

So that’ll have to keep me satiated for the next 5 days.  I predict, though, that I’ll get snaky after 3.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, everyone.  I’ll see y’all back on the other side.



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