…Unless, of course, your father happens to be Dan John, Louie Simmons…or, heh… Keith Norris

Actually, this little gem went down yesterday morning (4/27/10).  A very busy day — complete with a dash out to the RDU airport to pick up Meesus TTP, among other things — prevented me from posting this in a more timely manner.

Anyway, here’s the workout:

wide stance box squat (just below parallel): 135 x 5; 185 x 5; 205 x 3, 3; 225 x 3, 3, 3 — explode off the box

weighted dips (all sets w/ black band, doubled): 45 x 7 sets of 4 (in a superset with box squats); then 45 x 5 sets of 3 (in a superset with DB snatches)

dual DB power snatch: 40 x 5; 50 x 4; 65 x 3, 3, 3

I finished-up with two sets of bodyweight GHR’s x 15 reps; “free-fall” negatives, catch/rebound with the body parallel to the ground, and explode back up.  Remember that in the GHR, we want to lessen the contribution of the lower back, and accentuate the contributions of the glutes/hams.  It’s essential, then to maintain a relatively rounded back and ensure to drive the torso all the way through until the thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

A few notes: The dual DB power snatch example video I’ve linked to shows an exaggerated kick/foot-stomp the likes of which I am not a fan, nor do I employ.  The foot stomp is supposed to be an Oly lift technique reminder (the “catch” foot positioning being wider than the “pull” positioning, therefore you should hear/feel your feet re-plant) that has somehow slipped into the personal training “lexicon”, so that now in gyms across the nation you’ll see people doing this exercise with feather-light weights, and stomping away as if they’re at a Riverdance audition.  Just don’t do it; if you can still jump like Tinkerbell in this movement, for Crissakes, grab heavier dumbbells.

The box squat: this is primarily a hip/glute/ham exercise — not a quad exercise.   To perform this movement properly, think of sitting back (waaaaay back) in a rolling office chair so that by the time your butt hits the seat, your knees are splayed wide (attempting to “spread the floor” with your feet, which are “torqued” into the ground) and your shins are at a slight angle back.  This is counter-intuitive to most, and a different movement (and set-up) altogether from the high-bar, Oly squat (or front squat, for that matter…or a RFESS).  Now from this position, you want to explode off of the box.  How?  Think once more of sitting in that office chair.  Now, with your shins at that “backward” angle we talked about earlier, pull yourself so that you roll forward.  Feel your glutes and hams engage?  Yeah, that’s what we’re looking for.  This is really a “squat” in name only, and maybe it would be better if the movement went by another name entirely.  The problem is, we hear the word “squat” and all of a sudden, all we can think of is the movement we learned when we were first introduced to the iron game.  Not that the old school squat is bad, it’s just not what we’re working today; another tool for another time.  Anyway, it takes a good while to get the technique of this movement properly ironed-out.  It is, however, well worth the time investment.

Anyone been to the Earth Fare grocery chain?  It’s kind of like a spiffier Whole Foods, and without the tattooed employees.  I dunno, maybe I like things a little grittier, but I if I had to choose between the two, I’d opt for Whole Foods.  The Earth Fare crew does make a fantastic variety of paleo-friendly chicken salad, though; an awesome tarragon kale, and roasted sweet potato/bell pepper side dish as well.   Kudos to the kitchen staff for those eats!


  1. We’ve got an Earth Fare here in Athens…I ate lunch off their hot bar today in fact. It IS nice how they list every ingredient that is in every dish on the bar. Very helpful for a paleo guy who wants to make sure they’re not sneakin some soybean oil in on ya.

    Sometimes my head wants to explode when I see the other supposedly health-conscious customers there picking up a “healthy” vegan muffin. It’s funny how often they tend to be flabby and pasty/sickly-looking. I wonder how long you stick with that way of eating if those are the results!?!

    I just want to grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and scream “Eat a steak! Go play outside! Put some weight on a bar and get under it!” Someday…

      • From the link:
        “Here’s a real-world example of why it’s tough to compensate for what we eat via exercise: if a 50-pound kid plays soccer for 45 minutes, she burns up about 120 calories. But a typical post-game snack chosen from Pepsi’s “good for you” brand list – a 15.2-ounce bottle of Dole Strawberry-Kiwi juice and a reduced calorie Quaker granola bar – adds up to 320 calories. Even a 150-pound adult would barely burn off more than she took in under the same circumstances.”

        I suppose you could have your kid do sled drags for an hour with 1.5 times their bodyweight OR you could choose not to load them up with sugar just because they did some bursts of running/jogging for 45 minutes.

        She “says obesity “wouldn’t exist” if we all just exercised.” Tell that to most of the people that I’ve seen at my local gym consistently for the past 5 years–many have gotten bigger.

  2. Hey I love EarthFare. We got one up here in Asheville, and let me tell you, our EarthFare employees do have tats. At least some of them do.

    Things I love to buy at EarthFare: thick cut nitrate free market bacon, hemp milk (read the label first, not all created equal), 1 lb. bags of smoked salmon trim, frozen shrimp from the deep freeze, fresh natural turkey thighs and breasts, “Emerald Kale” from the deli, local eggs, etc., etc. They got the goods.


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