Just a quickie post from the road today.  A friend of mine posted this “TED Talks” segment to Facebook, recently; her intent was to remind her more intellectual-leaning peeps (is “intellectual peep” and oxymoron?) of the underlying simplicity in even the seemingly most complex of systems.  It’s my nature, of course, to sully these high-falutin’, outside-the-box talks by associating them with all things Physical Culture.  But really, “Stacked Simplicity”?; isn’t this, at its core, what the Paleo lifestyle — and any decent fitness regimen, for that matter — is built upon?  Can the basics of our our life choices, diet and fitness protocols be explained in such a way as to be understood by an eight year old?  Advanced BioChem might be a stretch for a youngster, but the notion of eating real food is not.  Talk of  pendulum waves within the Conjugate System might result in blank stares and nervous fidgeting, but get out and move your body, sprint and pick up heavy stuff now and again is easily conveyed and understood.

Anyway, check out George Whitesides’ segment on TED Talks: Toward a Science of Simplicity; I think you’ll find, as I did, that this idea speaks as much to the Paleo version of Physical Culture as it does to astrophysics and computer science.


  1. This is the heart and soul of the fractal spirit: simplicity embedded within simplicity producing complexity. You first need branches to produce trees. Also, this is a hedge against tunneling too deeply and going down a rabbit hole with no return vehicle.


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