Hey, folks –

Quick dispatch from the road — Lafayette, Louisiana, to be exact — where the Physical Culture “dog and pony show” is making slow but steady progress down ATX way, and where, by the way, the culmination of my studies have indicated that Starbucks is the only entity (along with good company, that is!) that makes a long road trip tolerable…

So, as I’ve alluded to in a previous post,  Roger Dickerman (host of the very entertaining Relentless TV show) and I have been engaged in  a weeks-long correspondence back-and-forth covering a gamut of topics; fitness, diet, Physical Culture theory, Q & A…you name it.  The result of this correspondence amounted to over twenty pages worth of written material that Roger distilled into a single Relentless TV episode, here (episode 14).  So be sure and check out Relentless TV’s highly entertaining romp through the Physical Culture TTP-style landscape.  Okay, okay — so I am a bit biased, but Roger did do a stellar job with putting all of this together, and I think there’s some fantastic information here.

Next stop, Austin…after some sausage and bacon, Lafayette-style!



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