A classical education teaches you to despise the wealth it prevents you from earning ~ Lord Taverne


So, here we go!…fade in to Theory to Practice’s brand new venue — Ancestral Momentum.  This is a joint venture for Michelle (AKA, Meesus TTP) of Eclectic Kitchen/Caveman Cuisine and I; a chance for us to combine our love and knowledge of great food and great S & C programming, in one united “house” of Ancestral Wellbeing.  And please pardon the growing pains — we know there will be some! — as we get this puppy up and running at full speed.  We hope you find that it’ll be worth the wait 😉

As I write this, it’s New Years eve, 2011.  Michelle and I, are home recovering from our extended (and long, long over-due) trip to Cabo, and are both beating back a nasty little Mexican bug we seem to have picked up in our waning hours south of the boarder.  Apparently, Mexican viruses — quite unlike their US counterparts — are impervious to copious amounts of good tequila.  Damn!…Who knew, right?  And I was under the impression that I was partaking in the ultimate of all preventative measures 🙂  Ahhh well…..

Beautiful place...nasty bug!

What I do know, however, is that a healthy lifestyle has (1) allowed us both to bounce back rather quickly from this harry little Mexican beast, and (2) kept us from falling as hard — and as low — as would otherwise have been the case if we lived less-than-stellar examples of Physical Culture.

Of course, when I say that I “know” that my usual good health prevents me from succumbing to the full-on onslaught from a virus/pathogen/etc., does that mean I have scientific backing to prove my point?  Hardly.  What it means is that I construct a reality based on what I consider to be good science, and via life experience as filtered through my n=1 intuitive interpretation.  I also give myself the freedom to redirect in light of new “evidence”, both scientific and intuitive.  Ego identification with an idea?  Why would any sane individual choose that route?  No amount of bias, money and/or prestige can force truth upon an idea.  For my part, I’d rather pursue truth than wealth, and let the chips fall where they may.  Of course, I realize that I have most certainly deluded myself here, due, in no small part, to my liberal arts-leaning education.  See the lead-in quote to this piece voiced, ostensibly, by Lord Taverne.  Touche 😉

So that’s navigating life 101, once the sails are set and the ship is turned to — but what about getting that bad boy up and sea worthy to start with?  What about the motivation to change, and the ability to inspire that desire in yourself…or, in others?  Hell, what about the ability to realize that change is even possible?

Two different ends of the psychological spectrum –

In between 10 days worth of coaxing a lowered cortisol level while chillin’ on pristine, San Jose del Cabo beaches, and taking-in impromptu Sammy Hagar appearances at the Cabo Wabo, I was able to squeeze-in a bit of reading, some of which was related to the idea of (and foot-dragging resistance to) change.

The epitome of change, Sammy Hagar

First up was a book recommended to me by PFX12 chair, Kevin Cottrell — Alan Deutschman’s Change or Die.  Next up was a short ebook by Julien Smith, titled The Flinch.

I’d consider both of these books part of an addendum to Rebecca Costa’s masterful work, The Watchman’s Rattle.  And both are on opposite ends of the psychological spectrum.  Think of Change or Die as being the softer, gentler side of coaxing change, whereas The Flinch espouses the essence of just frackin’  man-up and  do it already! Both approaches, though, do boil down to harnessing the all-elusive entity known as willpower.

In teasing-out change, though, the real magic — just as in creating effective S & C programming, or the perfect Paleo meal — is to “know” what method (or combinations of methods) to use at any given time and under any given situation.  Science can’t help you much here; only intuition and experience can point the way.  Great coaches and motivators are artists who’s medium is the manipulation of these various methods to affect positive change in an individual or team of (erstwhile) individuals.

And speaking of intuition, make sure you put Thinking, Fast and Slow on your to-read list.  I’ve just started it, and I can’t put the damn thing down!

Easing back into things –

12 days of complete inactivity — this is the longest I’ve gone without some form of intense physical output since I broke my hand some 15 years ago.  Whether or not this was a smart thing to do (from a rejuvenation standpoint) remains to be seen.   My gut feeling is that this was way too long for me, and that 5 days off would have sufficed to recharge the batteries fully.  At any rate, my plan now is to ease back into things over this week, starting with a symbolic, January 1st, sunrise workout.  Nothing spectacular here, just getting back into the groove with 5 rounds of a barbell bear/weighted dip complex:

(A1) barbell bear x 8

(A2) weighted dips x 12

A sprint/muscle-up workout is on-tap for the 2nd, and from there I’ll just play it by ear.  By the end of the week I ought to be right back at the level at which I left off back on December 22nd.  That’s the plan as of today anyway.  We’ll see how this all plays out.  For all the fun I had in Cabo — and it *was* a fabulous time in a beautiful place in the world — I do know that it was good to get a barbell back in my hand again today!

In health…and fitness,



  1. Love the look of the new site. Good luck, Keith.

    Today was a great start to my Physical Culture pursuit. The following was the workout.

    A1 Standing Press 5 sets. Hit my previous best weight for 8 reps while I had maxed earlier on grind sets at 4.
    A2 Pull downs. Hit my previous best weight for 5 reps but in a convincing manner

    done superset fashion and autoregulated.

    Followed it up with Power Cleans 7 sets of 3 reps.

    Feel really great and operating in my basecamp, I feel great. Will keep updating and surfing the curve, but majorly staying in my basecamp.



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