Whenever the world throws rose petals at you, which thrill and seduce the ego, beware ~ Anne Lamott 

How to spend a lazy Friday afternoon –

(A1) clean and press: worked-up from 135 x 5, to 225 x singles.  How many singles?  I have no clue; let’s just call call it “a hellovalot”.  For me, if I can clean the weight, it’s going overhead, so I keep going on these until my form degrades (or I begin missing) the clean.  The presses morphed into push-presses by the later, heavier sets.  I opted not to roll into jerks, and made sure to hit an extended negative on each descent out of the OHP.

then, 2 rounds of:

(B1) JRepped bodyweight dips — three zones to failure; low, medium, and high.

(B2)  ARX Fit dips x 5 hyper-reps

I’s not often that I “modality hop” to such an extent in the same workout, but it just seemed right in this instance.  And the Jrepped dips followed by an ARX Fit round of 5 hyper-repped dips was just friggin’ devastating.  Good stuff here, for sure.  The best of old school black-iron and bodyweight work, followed by a space-age technology “polisher”.  A perfect weave of time, tools, technique and temperament.

Time, tools, techniques, and temperament <=> Goals

And speaking of that “4-T weave”…

This is the great balance that every trainee — myself included — must strive to maintain.  On the one side — time, tools, techniques and temperament — and on the other, goals.  We simply can’t fool mother nature, nor can we influence Lady Justice’s accurate rendering of the scales.  Carrying this metaphor a bit further, we can say that Lady Justice is the ultimate arbiter of health vs performance.  If you tell me you want to become a high-performing athlete, but only have an hour a week to devote to training…well, you see where this is leading.

On the other hand, if someone tells me that they want to be as healthy as possible, have an hour a week they’re willing to devote to smartly programmed and pinpointed exercise, and are perfectly willing to jump on the Paleo/Primal lifestyle bandwagon, I can certainly help you; my available tools and broad technique savvy, coupled with the client’s time investment and temperament for change now balance with the stated goals.

In fact, at this spring’s PFX12 symposium, I will be unveiling the results — complete with before and after DEXA scans — for three individuals who I’m currently training at my Austin, Texas Efficient Exercise Rosedale location.  3 Individuals, 3 completely different life stories; 3 months to transform their lives.  How will it all play out?  Well, c’mon out to the epicenter of Physical Culture in March of this year to find out first hand.  And you won’t just be hearing me blabber-on about the results, as these three individuals will be anchoring a Journey of Transformation “mastermind panel” to answer your questions on just what it took for them to transform — the pain, the obstacles…and the joy, too — or, as Cornell West says in this clip from the documentary, The Examine Life, the “stank, stench and funk” of the experience.

As West says, “Philosophy must go to school not only with the poets, philosophy must go to school with the musicians” — awesome stuff.  And in the same sense, Strength and Conditioning must go to school with intuitive philosophy, and health must be made a bedfellow with epistemocracy.  Going back to the scales of justice metaphor, we need these things of equal weight to science to round-out the two realms, and to bring a completeness, a wholeness, to Ancestral Wellness paradigm.  Science alone won’t do the trick.  Art without an underpinning of science is just so much blather.  The path of moderation and balance isn’t sexy, but it’s essential for mastery.

Teaching Paleo with comedic flair

Myself, Meesus TTP and the rest of the PFX12 crew took in the Dan French show this weekend in Austin, and the “comedian PhD” had us laughing our collective asses off for a solid hour.  Think teaching the world about Paleo has to be a dry, serious endeavor?  Think again.  Dr. Dan is yet another reason why Austin is *the* epicenter of Physical Culture.  Where else but Austin would provide the crucible for the development and expression of such an act?  Check out the guy’s story — a comedian with a PhD in rhetoric (which is somehow just funny in and of  itself) who’s lost over 100 lbs on the Paleo diet.  Great story, and one hell of a hell of a comedic talent.  Make sure to check him out!  I’m quite sure (*wink, wink; nod, nod*) that the good doctor will make a guest appearance or two at this spring’s PFX12 😉

If you happen to be out at the LA Fitness Expo this weekend, make sure you drop by and say “hey”.  Til then, adios!

In health, fitness and wellness –




  1. I loved “The Examined Life”, especially West. I find myself in a situation without much access to weights. Besides sprinting and pullups, what body weight exercises might give me the best stimulation?


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