Earning the Right

“He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.” – Thomas Jefferson

Funny how the phrase “earn the right” can mean two totally different things to people of differing mindsets.

Being an athlete who, himself had to “earn the right” to step on the playing field along side more naturally gifted athletes, I of course can totally relate to the following clip:

Now compare that mentality to someone who has, in their mind, “earned the right” to eat foods that are deleterious to their health.  Or “earned the right” not to be physically active.  As if nature would ever issue such a pass, much less give a damn about what you’ve “earned”.

I mean, I totally get it.  I do.  You’re a big boy or gal, and you’ve been through your fair share of life’s trials and tribulations.  The fight has been long and hard.  You’ll pry my kolache from my cold, dead hands, Mr. Physical Culture!  Go piss in some one else’s Wheaties.

The thing is, though, this isn’t about depravity for the sake of longevity so much as it’s about the quality of your remaining years.  What we’re trying to prevent is not the “swan dive off of an Acapulco cliff” exit from the big game, but an agonizingly slow slog into oblivion where, for the final 15 years of your “life”, someone you don’t even know changes your Depends and, if you’re lucky, does a good job of wiping your arse.  A purgatory where you wouldn’t even recognize the taste of that kolache if it were blended and pumped it into your feeding tube.

Earn the right to be a vibrant part of the game, right until the end.  Languishing on the sidelines is no one’s idea of fun.

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